Eyedea & Abilities – Smile

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Eyedea & Abilities – Smile”

  1. Iguanaintrouble says:


  2. LeastComicStanding says:

    An improvement over the Butthole Surfers

  3. Bret Koester says:

    agonized souls are often the most beautiful and profound.

  4. Sara Campbell says:

    Did she?! Link me??

  5. ninjajeebus says:

    Kimya Dawson covered this, so fucking amazing

  6. Mathias Tyrone says:

    I always say Eyedea was the Kurt Cobain of rap

  7. whitehuayra says:

    RIP :(

  8. Amitoj Singh says:

    Are you crazy? I said I will stick to underground and old skool Eyedea is not old skool I know that but he is UNDERGROUND

  9. Alecks Cunningham says:

    Eyedea is underground, though.

  10. HBZ says:

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Eyedea is hardly “old skool”.

  11. Amitoj Singh says:

    Yeah now shit people like lil wayne, rick ross rule I will stick to underground and old skool

  12. Zach Kratz says:

    damn india huh? im from MN and yeah eyedea was one of a kind, i lost all hope in mainstream.

  13. Amitoj Singh says:

    I never knew this…… but even if he was underground he touched heart of millions of hip hop lover I am from India here people listen to lil wayne kinda rappers they don’t know about real hip hop is ….. hope real hip hop gets restored in mainstream some day 🙂

  14. Zach Kratz says:

    he got offered a record deal with jay-z but he declined he didnt wanna go mainstream, he kept his heart in MN underground, this guy was just like anyone walking the streets of the twin cities and thats the way he wanted it. RIP

  15. Zach Steinert says:

    are eye pea

  16. Waylon Frazier says:

    R.I.P Eyedea.

  17. 511V325731N says:

    It hurts when i think.

  18. JakyRedEyes says:

    rip man x

  19. AnalogerTyp says:

    I hurt the world when I think

  20. Tay Camp says:

    I hurt when I think of the world

  21. dmn4 says:

    i think of the world when i HURT

  22. Amitoj Singh says:

    Yeah I know about his record label and I am not saying things because of his change in dressing style etc but he just looked healthier in his younger years. May be change was because of age factor. I am not sure about that but still I love his raps specially this song what a great side of hip hop.

  23. Alex Watanen says:

    Check out the record label he started (Crushkill Records), a lot of amazing rappers are representing there and carrying on his legacy.

    I saw dude live a few months before he passed and he looked healthy as could be, the man was a vegetarian and yoga enthusiast, I think you’re just bugging out about his change in style. He chose to dress that way because he felt that the way he embraced hip hop fashion in his younger years was disingenuous.

    Much love to you and yours! Smile! <3

  24. Jakob Lund Nielsen says:

    Isn’t that basically like exactly what he just said in the song… One more thumbs up man. Fantastic summarization…

  25. Amitoj Singh says:

    If you check him out in battles he looked so healthy so good but he just looks so weak I really think he got into drugs or in depression after the battle. If you see his battles and see this video you never get a hint that this is the same man. Just can’t believe he is no more. Don’t know why he was underground Why didn’t he get main stream success he was so good. And people say there is no true hip hop any more. There must be rappers like him in main stream who talk about good things RIP Eyedea

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