Microsoft in 2019 [HQ]

Microsoft in 2019 [HQ] Amazing Video.

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25 Responses to “Microsoft in 2019 [HQ]”

  1. Andy Irmansyah Rumatoras says:


  2. randumbprodux says:

    its a good concept, mostly valid too, if microsoft would stop with the tablet fetish it could happen today, but to get the in air suspension they would have to rip a hole in time so im pretty sure that wont happen,
    otherwise i am very happy to be part of the generation where i will still be young when technology gets this far!

  3. AppleHoden says:

    this is japan in 2014

  4. TheOfficialConcepts says:

    i can see all of this coming true and i want to be part of it

  5. SuperCer054 says:

    its 2013… dont see any of that coming at this rate

  6. Ponsdrusi says:

    A fake world….

  7. DeyanYanev says:

    sh** you have to learn new stupid things… after 35 years or to say the closes 8 years we will be using only that technology…

  8. Nikita Smirnov says:

    dat newspaper gonna cost 150$ minimum . Also it’s ok guys they showed how upper class would live in 2019 as for middle and lower class there would be still mostly mechanical . Oh sorry with the world situation there won’t be any middle class or it will on high decrease . Few modern cities and thousands waste city’s with addicts and bums

  9. JustinBeerBeur says:

    damn, they can’t even walk ????

  10. santiago oaquin says:

    2013 Windows Phone 8 is a total $/-.l.t

  11. Blaulicht900 says:

    And how much for one wall? 25000$??

  12. Sean Jamshidi says:

    These are ideas that are not tested in real world. Just like fantasies or vain imaginings. Just use win 8 and you will see how backwards we have come.

  13. 1toneboy says:

    there’s definitely room for improvement in our lives from tech, espec with education but something about this is creeeepy; like the boarding pass. I don’t like such integration, I like there to be a division between something like a desk and screen/mouse…call me old fashioned.

  14. zub31r says:

    Poor fonts, shocking line-height and not enough white space.

  15. Thomas Wasserberg says:

    siempre es BUENO tener sueños, porque sin ellos NO habrá sentido para seguir levantándonos, día tras día … NO para quejarnos de las problemas, MÁS BIEN para disfrutar cada momento que DIOS nos da de estancia en este MUNDO. GRACIAS * Thanks a lot * Vielen Dank!!

  16. MatchstalkMan says:

    Ah, obscene language, the last refuge of a feeble mind.

    [yawn] I tire of you now. That is all. You may go.

  17. Yussef Dalton says:

    STFU now

  18. MatchstalkMan says:

    I never wrote that you were ‘an oaf asswipe’, just an oaf.

    Run along now. I’m sure your Mom thinks you’re very special.

  19. Yussef Dalton says:

    i’m not an oaf asswipe

  20. MatchstalkMan says:


  21. MatchstalkMan says:

    Yet. “was not released” yet. This video is supposedly set in 2019…

    Oh wait, that’s a tardis in your profile pic. you’ve obviously been to the future where M$ has gone out of business (hence no Windows 9 release according to you) and Google and Apple vie for customers – so in some ways, what I’ve written is true, in this universe. Maybe in another universe M$ are a successful multinational corporation promoting harmony.

    Has sarcasm been eradicated during your time travels?

    You are an oaf.

  22. Aaron Noble says:

    I think its not WIndows 9 its Windows ultimate 9

  23. Yussef Dalton says:

    Windows 9 was not released you asswipe

  24. MatchstalkMan says:

    Meet Windows IX (9).

    M$ finally listens to their customers and drops the Metro interface. But it takes the next 6 years to develop a Windows OS that works properly out of the box first time.

    They will give it the tag-line “The best Windows ever!” – the same tag they’ve given to every version of Windows since ‘Windows Me’.

    It will compete against Apple’s latest OS. It will be a great OS especially after Google buys out M$ and turns Windows from a zero to a hero.

  25. MatchstalkMan says:

    A biker bar’s more my style, brother. Have never darkened the doorstep of a $tarbuck$.

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