Kardashians Sexy Office Video

http://www.ew.com Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe (“Keeping Up With the Kardashians”) get down to business at their EW photo shoot.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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25 Responses to “Kardashians Sexy Office Video”

  1. RollsReus7 says:

    Sexiest Armenian girl in history and for that matter one of the most in history

  2. Matt Corgan says:

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  3. beybladezrule says:

    I wanna cum all over those tits and feet

  4. tooch1180 says:

    What a waste of air.

  5. Kevin Barker says:

    shes a fat fuk

  6. xRyaNzLe says:

    Kim Kardashian NAKED here –> /watch?v=y8g7yN5r7vA

  7. bastardo izuv says:

    audio not needed

  8. Raymond says:

    came for the tits. pun intended.

  9. Happyllama2222 says:

    i hate how everyone says khloe is ugly, she is the ONLY kardashian that carries them self well, and she sounds intelligent and speaks cool and maturely. the other two sound like snooty dumb bitches. Khloe is real and thats why i like her.

  10. MrMachinimator says:

    I can’t stand her personality but them tits, wow lol But it’s still not worth listening to her.

  11. iambaracuda says:

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  12. sabzz23 says:

    I don’t know about you… but i stayed for the tits, and left for the tits…

    That personality shit simply bores me

  13. Jean Valor says:

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  14. sam armytage says:

    the perfect woman is khourtney’s face , kim’s booty and khloe’s knockeroonies.dr frankenstein please.

  15. Gabby Gutierrez says:

    It is so sexy Mary my German

  16. KirkCanadian says:

    The Kardashians are stupid Armenians (a country the size of a pinhead) with no personality. That’s the reason why they stole someone else’s business title for their cosmetics! The original name was Kroma from a well known makeup artist in Orlando, Florida and the Kardashians conned it as Khroma– nice Kardashitians!..
    They couldn’t even come up with an original name!

    Enjoy the legal battle and make sure you get another job!!!…Learn how to wrap shish kebobs and watch your asses get fatter..

  17. Um Bongo says:

    Gonna need the mute button for this one..

  18. PenisGelistirme19 says:

    çok seksisin

  19. thishaterzz says:

    if you dont like them why do you take time to watch videos about them ?? just doesnt make any sense

  20. Evilx Monkeyx says:

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  21. Dtg Red says:


  22. OZOBIEUSA1 says:

    I agree!

  23. Mario Ronaldo says:

    got kim kardashian + PARIS HILTON sex tape what do u think SO ENJOY yoself cr7rm(.)com/cristiano-ronaldo-­­­girlfriends

  24. Safak2000 says:

    ugly sisters.all shity face.make up not enough camouflage this reality.ı m sure most american girls so pretty face than those bitches
    sorry for bad english

  25. nuukvannte says:

    Oh how mature…

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