Introducing NIKE FLYKNIT Technology

Lighter. Faster. Formfitting. Running revolutionized. This is Nike Flyknit technology. Now available from Nike’s Innovation Kitchen.
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24 Responses to “Introducing NIKE FLYKNIT Technology”

  1. anachin99 says:

    you gotta give the little kids their 5 cents!

  2. ahictd says:


  3. Alex Cortez says:

    Good luck with that

  4. genesis miranda says:

    That is called profiting.

  5. Mario P says:

    Well think of it this way, if you sold it at the same price you wouldn’t really be making any profit right?

  6. Rafay siddiq says:

    Your good Nike, too good…

  7. BlackDiamondVBA says:

    If anybody has a Swoosh account, these shoes cost $60 (brand new and retail from directly Nike)

  8. Steven Shelp says:

    ewww no socks

  9. KJ Prime says:

    Nice. Nike does it again!! Also you all have to check out footage of Lebron James sons team against one the top 9 year old basketball player in the country. Its on a new mixtape from a young baller named KiJan who is considered the best 9 year old in the nation by many. Unbelievable skills! Video is called “9 year old baller KiJan 2013 Mixtape”..Its on my page now.

  10. Craig Robinson says:

    Search “Truth or Nothing” by Kyle Bent #BentNation

  11. iLovesToHatez says:

    Treated that stupid bitch. 

  12. Soky Fiume says:

    Cost 40$ to make.

  13. IBV Marketing, LLC says:

    This looks really neat.

  14. Bartek Pohorecki says:

    You uwe firm without socks?

  15. Richmond Teoh says:

    RM529, it’s $159

  16. LaLakers2412 says:

    To produce that shoe or other nike shoes, just the factory production of the should is probably not even 30 bucks but yet they charge people over 100 for most of their good shoes

  17. Passarela Esporte says:

    try coming to brasil..
    R$700, its about 300$
    still complaining?

  18. BlackDiamondVBA says:

    No it supports the growth of any bacteria/fungus on your feet already. But your second statement is true.

  19. BlackDiamondVBA says:

    LoL, take into accounting the fact that Nike is a major account at distributing their products worldwide. Think they don’t have cheap contracts companies bid to work for them? If you’re ignorant and think they ship 1 shoe a time, than yes it cost more than $150. Footlocker/Finishline are major retailers that sponsor the distribution of Nike products to support the company. The cost of labor per worker is nearly less than half of USA; but still offer a competitive rate. Re-take your Eco-class.

  20. iPhonewower says:

    No socks eeeewww

  21. AngelGagaMonster says:

    It’s just a sock with the sole of the Nike Free 5.0 lol
    Gonna make my own Flyknits so I can safe 150$

  22. Trielectify says:

    sweat + heat = fungus. People should wear socks when exercising with running shoes.

  23. camcamfarmer says:

    I’ve been watching a lot of these Nike commercials,and I just want to go and run for years, but its late so I’m just going to dream about it.

  24. Aldous Huxley says:

    A bunch of people don’t.
    It’s only dirty if you’re feet aren’t clean prior.

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