New Military Technology 2012

Real cyborgs will be here in about 10 years if they are not already here but classified. When this technology is perfected someone or som…

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25 Responses to “New Military Technology 2012”

  1. BaharothOtakon says:

    True. However, what will happen when one nations robots win? They’ll be thougher and deadlier than humans. Imagine the terror that can be caused by an enemy that cannot be stopped by a few bullets and will, without mercy, carry out for what it was programmed for.

  2. WSNglobal says:

    Don’t worry ! Open your heart to JESUS CHRIST ! He will give you the things that you really need ! Seek Jesus Christ now and Get Saved

  3. TheHassan508 says:

    its fake this is a part frome a nother video

  4. 1978nikolai1978 says:

    well where is the link to a video with sound?

  5. Carlos Alberto Herrera says:

    The most probable thing is that smart robots will have all our virtues and none of our faults, like some specie of artificial but very real guardian angel.

  6. Paul Womack Jr says:

    only a matter of time until those bots become self aware but why do you all think thats bad?how do you know they will want us dead.what if they want to help us and turn people who want to be one into one is that so bad?

  7. Paul Womack Jr says:

    buts its better that humans don’t exist but robots do we wont be born as a human any longer just a robot

  8. ChronoSerum says:

    Skynet sees all

  9. Jonas Fredrikson says:

    is that a bad thing? a better option would be if nations fought their wars by sending their robots at each other, and used them as substitutes to flesh. no blood shed, just destroyed hardware

  10. Jonas Fredrikson says:


  11. Drew Swift says:

    just foolish.

  12. gman the bowss says:


  13. theoldgalah says:

    try to push me over punk? I’ll remember………..

  14. Giorgi Ostatishvili says:


  15. daveyboy8320 says:

    @Dedskin1, you can see that the rope was slack. Its just in case this really expensive piece of equipment does trip. Remember, that video of permanent is old as hell.

  16. dedskin1 says:

    yeah the rope that these guys are hanging on is really impressive

  17. daniel alejandro borrelli says:

    the U S government are always inventing something to destroy the world and subdue the weaker nations

  18. Vicky Schickel says:

    Technology will be completed

  19. bigben5241 says:

    No far off iron man lol give it another 50 years or so should be very interesting

  20. Kay Burkey says:

    atlas look s like an AT walker from starwars

  21. KSTEW58 says:

    Finally, a robot that walks with some swag

  22. michael white says:

    You’ll see..  You’ll see!

  23. Nik Bates says:

    No what you have been seeing is to many movies

  24. John Doe says:

    Yeah new way to kill innocent people. Can you imagine how happy a kid would be knowing that a headless monster is chasing him to spray some phosphor…Love you america!

  25. punjab singh says:

    The judgement day

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