Urban Ninja

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Urban Ninja”

  1. 123SuperBeast says:

    parkour= dance to rock

  2. deanadeeNY says:

    Steriods. thats my guess

  3. deanadeeNY says:

    what the fudge?!

  4. dabomber1x says:

    1:05-1:06. good sear’s advertisement!!

  5. HeyLookItsEd says:

    I know they are all alive because they dont have bloopers..

  6. jasonjish says:

    For how old this video is I think its of solid quality =D

  7. sevennationarmy19 says:


  8. litlhponies says:

    the best part is from 0:00-3:07

  9. sonjaeattheworld says:

    this video was one of the first videos i watched on youtube 😀

  10. regejoker i says:

    koleś jest pro

  11. spookypunky says:

    Where the hell does this guy get energy??

  12. KatieuKat says:


  13. 4U2Pmiky says:


  14. dtoma555 says:

    Yeh but can he Pop Lock?

  15. theuntitled00 says:

    4,992 people are jealous

  16. MrBass2005 says:


  17. MrTakuru1 says:

    on 0:56 you could fall and how in the world did he did all these stuff

  18. TheBicyclemagic says:

    Jackie Chan doesnt have shit on him, lol

  19. smokeyjuno says:


  20. qdoggamerxyz says:

    Those are some sick tricks i can only do some tricks that i come up with but this is a good video

  21. St0rmb1ad3 says:

    whats the move called at 2:04?

  22. laserclass2001 says:

    🙂 Check Out Rising Star, MARCUS HOPKINS STUNT REEL 2011!!!! 🙂

  23. firebason says:


  24. neotidan says:

    if he is a ninja then why can i see him?

  25. godf0005 says:

    i did not understand shit 🙁

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