Album Born To Die Out Now Worlwide Buy the album: Amazon: iTunes: HOLLYWOOD SAD CORE SUMMERTIME SADNESS DOPE SPECIAL THANKS TO Tim van den Hoff ( and Andrew Livingston whose films inspired this video. Super-8 footage courtesy of Tim van den Hoff ( Super 8 “Summer 2007” footage courtesy of Andrew Livingston Downtown Los Angeles Anamorphic Super 8 Footage and Hollywood Sign Anamorphic Super 8 footage courtesy of Ryan Weight inside Chateau Marmont footage courtesy of John Harrier Jr. Hollywood Blvd. footage courtesy of CDD TV: & Timelapse Flower Compilation footage courtesy of Vespi TV (vespitv62) California 08: Super8 film footage courtesy of Chris Gavin Sahara Hotel Las Vegas 1958 “Blue in Green” footage courtesy of Dylan King Sunset Strip footage courtesy of Jeff Caffrey (StarsDork Chateau Marmont footage courtesy of Anthony Palmiere Golden Globes After Party footage courtesy of X17 True Artists

25 Responses to “LANA DEL REY-VIDEO GAMES”

  1. Macarenazx says:

    it might be “depressing” but it fits my mood like a glove. Lana is something else

  2. gheoc says:

    great song.

  3. wiwi phillips says:

    2:02 : Phillip Phillip’s voice. 🙂

  4. Inamourada4 says:

    I just love her lips.

  5. Irresistance says:

    Enchanting. Not depressing. Beautiful, too….

  6. BIManagement says:

    great fucking song

  7. iFlyWithTacos says:

    What the heeeeeell, there is something about that makes irresistibly attractive can’t quite put my finger on it though :/ It’s there though and the search will begin.

  8. mariwana18 says:

    I melt at 1:15

  9. gastronomist says:

    Ya, there is a resemblance.

  10. RubyKeywordTracker says:

    I enjoy finding attitudes like yours which are to rare. Please take my salute to you.

  11. sumaaleja says:

    ¡Acabo de publicarte un cool emoticono!

  12. lewisf726 says:

    i love depressing music like this , ps, “im gonna end my life haha “

  13. baristhealienated says:

    a first good song sung by the woman with artificial lips.

  14. Pedrosmp says:

    The beginning, resembles a sequence of “dream of a sabbath night” from Berlioz

  15. CamelEssentielFlavor says:

    Just Butiful

  16. ZombieMangaka says:

    Immernoch das beste Lied aller Zeiten. Vielleicht trifft’s nicht jeden Geschmack ,vielleicht hört’s sich Live auch nicht sonderlich schön an ,aber für mich immernoch das Beste.

  17. XxaRtePxX says:

    could be the sister of julia roberts

  18. MusicPOWAAA says:

    What the… F*ck ?

  19. EoinHerlihyVideos says:

    I did a cover of this song on my channel, I’d appreciate it if you checked it out. Music is my passion. I am not trying to spam but there is no other way of getting seen. Thanks.

  20. freedwert1 says:

    :oh god why:

  21. komarats says:

    Guys, help me out here please.
    I’ve been trying to find a music video, but I just can’t remember the name :@
    It’s a woman singing, she has a black dress and she is in a canyon, or a desert…
    The song was on VH1 commercial or MTV, and it sounds kinda scary. HELP ME OUT PLEASE!

  22. iluvjb4evar says:

    Listen to pips cover !!!!

  23. remaks69 says:

    Instagram + Tumblr = This isn’t Happiness (Lana Del Rey)

  24. The839822 says:

    why do you have so lips? shit

  25. AnarchyGuru1 says:

    I love those old movies in this video.

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