INCREDIBLE HULK in GTA 4! Mod Gameplay! – Inside Gaming

FOR MORE INSIDE GAMING, GO TO: GTA is simply the best game to rage out on people and go completely nuts, so naturall…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “INCREDIBLE HULK in GTA 4! Mod Gameplay! – Inside Gaming”

  1. Kevin G. says:


  2. eddietocs ascencio says:

    That shit is funny when u slap people around I want it.

  3. wilber rodas says:

    Send me the game plese

  4. Jonathan Troy says:

    That is awesome

  5. Taylor Turner says:

    i cant wait to get home and play whith my toy boat lol

  6. Johnny Ionut says:

    lol that’s awesome, hahahha so funny!

  7. Marshall Husvar says:

    Garbage day!

  8. Carl Forrester says:


  9. Justin Heredia says:

    2:07 “Hulk pissed off hulk wanna bowl” xD

  10. Jennifer Craig says:


  11. Bethany Castro says:

    Say vampire three times then post this in three videos and look at your

  12. matheus wylker says:


  13. Andreya Woods says:

    Can’t wait to see if possible

  14. AuomAk says:

    What a fun mod.

  15. Malik Turner says:

    send me some mods

  16. SARGE says:


  17. Davidson Harly says:


  18. Tor Johnson says:

    Ocean bad, Hulk take you away.

  19. matheus Silva says:


  20. Lewis Gray says:

    Hulk want hotdog

  21. Lewis Gray says:

    Oo ice cream truck

  22. Lewis Gray says:

    Hulk got a new toy

  23. emirxana says:


  24. JuanEPC says:

    This is better than the original Hulk´s game

  25. Grievousish says:

    There’s a game out there like this called Incredible Hulk: Ultimate

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