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Presenting Yo Yo Honey Singh’s SUPERMAN Video Song from his upcoming Punjabi movie ZORAWAR, directed by Vinnil Markan, produced by PTC Motion Pictures, Rajiee M. Shinde & Rabindra Narayan starring YO YO HONEY SINGH, BAANI J, PAWAN MALHOTRA, PARUL GULATI, MUKUL DEV, ACHINT KAUR & OTHERS.
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The song SUPERMAN is written, composed and sung by YO YO HONEY SINGH.


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For Caller Tunes :
Superman – Munday Tere Peechhe
Superman – Tujhko Batadoo

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Set “Superman” as your caller tune- sms ZORA5 To 54646
Set “Superman – Munday Tere Peechhe” as your caller tune- sms ZORA6 To 54646
Set “Superman – Tujhko Batadoo” as your caller tune- sms ZORA7 To 54646


1. Superman

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2. Superman – Munday Tere Peechhe

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3. Superman – Tujhko Batadoo

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20 Responses to “SUPERMAN Video Song | ZORAWAR | Yo Yo Honey Singh | T-Series”

  1. Nap Kahlon says:


  2. Bhumeshwar Mandhare says:

    yo yo ur superman

  3. Brain Hacker says:

    1. Clicked video………2. Disliked…………….3. Listened first 30 sec…………..4. Typed Comment [yo yo sucks, he knows he cant rap, but he cant even sing #autotune]……………….5. Clicked Bohemia's video ………………………….

  4. jai dutt says:

    yo yo is back

  5. Karan Jaswal says:

    Autotune ke bina bhi gaa le kabhi

  6. Lolo Pocho says:

    Name of girl??😘😍😍😍

  7. rubal jaan says:

    #superman 💪👆👌👈

  8. Mohd Zaman says:

    if you are superman then badshah is badman

  9. Mohd Zaman says:

    I dislike before watching


    Bekar Song :]~~ Badshah Is Much Better

    Anyways Guys If Anyone Wants To Watch Gold Digger Pranks Or Funny Pranks They Can Visit My Channel And Check Videos If You LOVE My Videos Than Do Subscribe Thank You All 🙂

    My Channel Is Only For The People Who Expects Something ~~

  11. Sangramo RC390 says:

    Waiting for Superman Vs Super Girl from China 3D Movie : D,Yo Yo this is your Badest Song till date

  12. MR Shah says:

    Imran khan All the way 💜💕💗❤💟💖💓💛💙💞
    F*** the others 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  13. Faiz Shaikh says:

    wondering what he would have done in the chopper🙏…dude she's pissed off…😋😋😋

  14. Aneeq Mohammed says:

    copy imran khan 😑

  15. Nelson cangi says:

    kudh ke songs bi copy karne laga

  16. Kirra & L says:

    He is trying to be IMRAN KHAN!

  17. basanta adhikari says:

    Not everyone will be eminem to just say i am superman actually Mr. Honey Just Wake Up and don't do this type of rabbis to make cheap your Trade..!

  18. Wanted Faster says:

    hatters if you still think this is not good … plzzz kill yourself …

  19. Adil Zameer says:

    1st Badshah 2nd Yoyo honey 3rd Fazlipuria 4th Raftar

  20. ali azmi says:

    worsted lyrics ever 💩👎

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