Top 10 Video Game Stories Told with Minimal Dialogue

Actions speak louder than words — and some game stories take this advice to heart. Join as we count down our picks for the TTop 10 Video Game Stories Told with Minimal Dialogue. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►►
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For this list we’ll be looking at video games told with little to no dialogue; for this list a sprinkling of words here and there is fine, so long as the bulk of the game’s narrative is told through action. And of course, as always, we’ll only be accepting one game per franchise.

Special thanks to our user TheLife4Jesus for submitting the idea on our interactive suggestion tool at

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20 Responses to “Top 10 Video Game Stories Told with Minimal Dialogue”

  1. Eric Saenz says:

    the sims

  2. Ehouse33 says:

    Journey is ok. But if we were talking about a better game then Super Metriod would beat it.

  3. Joji says:

    How's it going?

  4. Charles Rod says:

    funny, i knew that game as Out of this World

  5. Nick Delclos says:

    Where is the souls series/bloodborne? They have a little dialog, but it sure does not tell you anything about the story..

  6. Magnus Gamble says:

    no sonic 3 and knuckles? okay.

  7. MrKobus3000 says:

    no Dark Souls???

  8. srdarklord lawl says:

    Shadow of the collossus

  9. Eric Vandernoot says:

    Y U NO Shadow of the Colossus?!

  10. Mike Morris says:

    What about The Neverhood?

  11. Sam Marshall says:

    Its pronounced "eeco" -_-

  12. arcotroll says:

    The original Unreal shoulf have been on the list, or at least an honorable mention.

  13. CCryday says:

    I'm happy to see Journey where it is, but Ori not even mentioned? Sad.

  14. Rin Orihara says:

    Yume Nikki, Ori, Binding of Isaac and Shadow of the Colossus

  15. Steven Cox says:

    umm… no shadow of the colossus and even a mention.

  16. Mordercai Near says:

    No Half life?

  17. n1lknarf (n1lknarf) says:

    no Dark Souls?

  18. Kevin Fournier says:

    e x p r e s s i y e! sup }o! carry store "

  19. Bryan Guthrie says:

    This has been an issue with all your gaming videos. Please include the system in which the game your talking about is available on.

  20. TiagoNomad says:

    Altered Beast.

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