Bruce Springsteen – PRINCE tribute PURPLE RAIN – Multicam mix – Brooklyn – New York 23.4.2016

R.I.P. Prince
I had to do this video even though the video sources were mostly not too good and I am waiting on at least one proper 4k shoot but I wanted to get this one out. Purple rain is one of my favourite albums. The song played by my favourite artist as a tribute to Prince is very special to me. I hope you enjoy this rough mix. An upgraded mix with at least one additional great camera angle in the mix and proper audio coming soon!

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19 Responses to “Bruce Springsteen – PRINCE tribute PURPLE RAIN – Multicam mix – Brooklyn – New York 23.4.2016”

  1. m.g. says:

    thanks bruice, still speechless

  2. briLady7 says:

    Wait, are people saying "Bruce" or "boo"? Because it sounded like booing… :(

  3. Stray Kat says:

    Not just the Boss….but a class act as well

  4. S Cardinal says:

    Prince. Man, what more can really can be said that hasn't already been said through all his great music and amazing life? Prince. Wow.

  5. Francisca Agüero says:


  6. Jim Denney says:

    wow! fantastic job! awesome.

  7. KEYC2009 says:

    I love Bruce He did a hell of a job👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  8. Camp Leaders says:

    Moving tribute from one music legend to another! Great performance!

  9. Ronald says:

    Why's everyone booing at the end? Total disrespect!

  10. BellaTinaable says:

    this is the only tribute I've seen so far that's done amazingly and with proper respect and real love to Prince. Great job Bruce 💓💓💓👌✊

  11. daschy t says:

    Always the Boss!!! Thank you!

  12. domenico cavallaro says:

    Wish he sings this in EUROPE too!!

  13. P Diez says:

    best ever!!! **tears**

  14. plipp santor says:


  15. sabrina thorton says:


  16. racefan32 says:

    I was never a Prince fan, but this is a classy moving tribute by The Boss.

  17. Paula Shore says:

    What an excellent job you did, in making this video!!!! What an excellent tribute.

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