Bored To Death – blink-182 [LYRIC VIDEO]

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20 Responses to “Bored To Death – blink-182 [LYRIC VIDEO]”

  1. Macarena V. says:

    Creo que me morí un poco <3 lml

  2. Tim Tim says:

    blink 182 ft. mark hoppus

  3. You-Gotta-Be-Squiddin-Me says:

    I like it, like alot, the new dudes voice suits Blink very well

  4. Sweggy Shxt says:

    This sounds like it belongs in the credits of a kids movie.

  5. ImDeathHD says:

    Is Mark singing the whole thing? Cause i kinda can hear another person's voice that sounds pretty similar but at the same time not quite the same as Mark in some parts of the song..

  6. jomm tomm says:

    yeah I listened to this song twice thinking it was pretty good, but then I was thinking about it all day at work, and after listening a couple more times I'm completely hooked. Super stoked to hear what the other 15 songs on the album sound like even if a couple are BS songs.

  7. Ismael Vargas says:

    i have Travis autograph and may see them in Chicago

  8. Billie oliver says:

    old BLINK version on my channel.

  9. Izzy “RebsWorld” McRev says:

    Tom is being a wuss, Mark is all like fuck you Tom, Mike is like YAY A NEW EXPERIENCE and Travis is all like, Eh, I'll go with it.

  10. Toddfc _ says:

    Blink 182, Kendrick Lamar, Sum41 and Drake with a dash of megadeth is my personality.

  11. Christensen Makasihi says:

    Intro drum sound just like "feeling this"

  12. FACILITATE300 says:

    this sounds like +44 not blink 182

  13. Kayleigh Davidson says:

    Currently crying tears of joy because I've waited for so long

  14. Mitch Barron says:

    I wish mark and matts vocals contrasted like Tom and Mark ): still love this song though

  15. Jaymz Rolliendo says:

    Niiicccceee, good guitar man ;)

  16. devo4 says:

    so pumped to see my all time favourite band again this year

  17. notyourkidd says:

    Wow, almost 2 million views in just 2 days!

  18. Ariel Cruz says:

    Am I the only one who felt the intro was "When your heart stops beating"?
    Great song!

  19. Booraad Gaming says:

    this just sounds like +44.. never going to be blink without Tom hopefully they can figure shit out in the future cause the world needs more blink

    not saying this is bad.. been a blink fan since dude ranch .. loved everything even remotely related to blink.. boxcar +44 AvA

    I enjoy this tune a lot but this isnt blink

  20. Fomo Entertainment says:

    worst blink ever

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