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Here they are!!! The best fails of this week are up and ready to get you laughing. Which one was your favorite??Let us know what you think or submit a video at Salute!!

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Pole Fitness Dancer Falls on Head
Man Leaps onto Ice Slab then Sinks
Girl Gets Tossed and Faceplants onto Grass
Guys Try to do Stacked Pushups
Cat Breaks Food Bowl
Guy Gets Beer in His Eye
Guy Scares Dad Repeatedly
Remote Controlled Car Flies at Man
Girl Slaps Guy while Playing Beer Pong
Horse Doesn’t Want to be Touched
Extreme Ice Bucket Challenge Fail
Guy Body Slams Land
Skiers Collide into Each Other
Warehouse April Fools’ Prank Goes Wrong
Guys Watch People Slip on Ice
Amateur Sword Fighter Breaks TV
Guy Falls into Freezing Water
Skateboarders Run Wild in Empty Pool
Guy Freaks out on Roller Coaster Simulator
Bowler Throws Ball into Wall
Guy Loses Skateboard in Water
Ballet Dancer Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Out
Girl is Loopy after Wisdom Teeth Surgery
Skateboarder and Tricyclist Crash
Teen Falls while Trying to Climb to Roof
Skier Hits Tree and Crashes into Snow
Kid Plays with High Pressure Air Pump
Guy Tries to Break Wooden Board with Head
Guy Eats Dirt after Bouncing off Trampoline
Team Tries to Do Basketball Trick
Drummer Hits Himself in Eye with Stick
Roller Coaster Rider Loses Phone
Go-Karter Spins Out and Crashes
Guy on Unicycle Falls after Catching Beer
Guy Slips off Ice and Into Water
Girl Freaks out When She Discovers Bug
Skateboarder Can’t Master Trick
Guy Bounces Off Trampoline
Racer Loses Shoes after Falling off Skateboard
Roller Blader Wipes Out in Park
Horse Mounting Fail
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20 Responses to “Best Fails of the Week 3 May 2016 || FailArmy”

  1. Lucas Reaves says:

    Lol as she's holding a bug

  2. Kristian Thomsen says:


  3. Amy-Lee Boulay says:

    The girl that was scared of the bug and she was screaming loud, hold on to a large ladybug after?! WTH? LOL 😂🐞

  4. Zods Snapped Neck says:

    06:27 😂😂😂

  5. Anna P. says:

    1:53 Lame-o's is my favorite type of cereal!!!

  6. RedStrayHound says:

    People don't seem to know what fails are anymore…

  7. ‫محترف للكرة‬‎ says:


  8. James Y says:

    When the zombie apocalypse comes, all these people will be the first to get eaten.

  9. Jonathen Zarate says:

    Cringe cringe cringe 😖

  10. Edel Torres says:

    The thumbnail is cweepy

  11. MakeUpIsMyArtSA says:

    Leave your shoes XD

  12. quistin becconsall says:

    wow.,..first video, girl has an amazing ass, butt a face like an ass 2

  13. Spencer Leach says:

    5:06 dad: "it's just a bug!"
    girl: "AAAAH!" shields herself with giant bug

  14. Yoshi Hoodie says:

    When an Asian is drugged they become an average American (Donald trump)

  15. Epic Jooce says:


  16. Outdoor Alex says:


  17. Mimi Starr says:

    leave your shoes. Leave your shoooes! LEEAVE YOOUR SHOOOEES!!!

  18. Tanner McCormick says:

    "for goodness sake boy, fuck off"😂😂

  19. Flaming King says:


  20. Bilic1998 says:

    0:23 Bosanci ♥

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