Clueless Gamer: “Overwatch” With Peter Dinklage & Lena Headey – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Conan does battle against House Lannister from “Game of Thrones” using the power of heavily armed gorillas & shiny lady butts.

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20 Responses to “Clueless Gamer: “Overwatch” With Peter Dinklage & Lena Headey – CONAN on TBS”

  1. TheVeregat says:

    If you think Peter is hilarious like I do, watch Death at a Funeral. The original one, not the new one.

  2. panchito villa says:


  3. jeejAYE says:

    This was cool, but next time you should do this in the hood.

  4. CDR Simmons says:


  5. christmastiger says:

    Am I crazy or do a lot of those levels look exactly like TF2 levels? One looked like Egypt, the other like Suijin.

  6. Shangheliee says:

    peter is funnier than conan

  7. rodney parisien says:

    This video will determine if i get this game
    Conan should be the head of ign

  8. R.D. Dragon says:

    Peter Dinklage is hilarious, he and Conan should be co-hosts on a show.

  9. PackersFan PajamaMan says:

    Oh, damn, Nick Mundy.

  10. Aurodeep Kamal says:

    PS4 game disk.. XBOX controller.

    What? I am just…clueless

  11. Linus Stormcrowe says:

    "oooo Listen to their high heels"

    – Dinklage 2016

  12. krulkntrdction says:

    5:04 Reminds me of when my sister and I used to spy on my parents, always thinking, "Well…I can't see them so I am sure they cant see me". Pro-tip: they see you.

  13. halbarad says:

    Lena is as terrible at the game as she is cute :)

  14. Dean M says:

    Peter is Hilarious.

  15. Cumrooni C Mazzoni says:

    Ps4 case, xbox one controllers. Lol what?

  16. Kai Kolb says:

    wait…. Peter was an actor in Pixels… Iluminati

  17. sal1988 says:

    Oh no, Anita Sarkeesian SJW is gonna have a field day with this "sexist game"

  18. MadkittenzK says:

    i love these three together xD

  19. Laurence Hall says:

    Yeah but Peter, where did that wizard come from?

  20. jigglypuff says:

    i have waited a thousand years for clueless gamer

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