Customers Send Back 20 Frozen, RAW Dishes | Kitchen Nightmares

The rice is the least of your worries, Aaron.
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20 Responses to “Customers Send Back 20 Frozen, RAW Dishes | Kitchen Nightmares”

  1. GymLad John says:

    Gordan ramsey should visit a British, marrylands chicken

  2. ZyV2 says:

    Chicken Alfredo on the fly, not fly on the chicken Alfredo…

  3. Houngjoon Kim says:

    Here comes all the NINO jokes again

  4. GhanianPrincess says:

    " We're weeded here dude"

  5. An Otaku says:

    Yo anyone know where i can watch this full episode?

  6. bonevoid says:


  7. Clash with ace says:

    Girl: its coming
    Guy: so is Christmas
    Me: God dam boy

  8. Karthikeyan Paul says:

    At 1:20 u can see a cactus in the bald guy's head

  9. KenniCrazy says:

    really? smoking inside of the restaurant? fucking disgusting….

  10. akiraman26 says:

    AJ American jackass

  11. Adnane Rabah says:

    20 Frozen dishes in a r*a*w. That's a new record !!!

  12. 1994 MindState says:

    Thanks Gordon kitchen nightmares my favorite show the energy is so intense to much pressure like English premiere league i enjoy the comedy scolding I fuken love it mate

  13. Untouchable Mormon Jesus says:

    I love how they always capitalize RAW

  14. Heat says:

    3:39 Understandable have a good day

  15. Lenny Conneti says:

    Please I need Gordon to impregnate my wife. I want to raise his baby RAW

  16. Lynx Willow says:

    Next gen Nino

  17. Kiinganu Tiamat says:

    A successful owner would fire them all

  18. Fearful Pineapple says:


  19. Myamaria Marina KUSAM-NIVANDA Nikolich says:

    I don't witness any accomplishment
    here that were plans conceived ages ago…Everything is in ruins not
    even Ramsay can rebuild it. Foof

  20. citrus hall says:

    I would want my money back!

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