Will Smith ” You can’t make no one happy…”

Relationship Wisdom from Will Smith

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20 Responses to “Will Smith ” You can’t make no one happy…””

  1. Anita Woods says:

    So much wisdom…i love it!!

  2. Clarissa Giles says:

    I think the word you guys meant to discuss is “Joyful “, which is independent of circumstance.
    However, happiness IS dependent on circumstance.
    It’s true that we walk into marriage with many unGodly and unrealistic beliefs.
    When God said, “The 2 shall become one”, He meant it. Although you are 2 individuals with your own hobbies, goals, talents, dreams, desires, beliefs, etc., you become united on your foundation of God and united on His purpose and His will…if you are building on the right foundation (Christ, the cornerstone).
    Everyone lives by the laws of gravity, science, the universe, but we somehow do not realize/learn that there are laws on relationships too. When we live outside of God’s laws for marriage and relationship, we fail God, our marriage and ourselves.
    The good news is…because of Christ’s sacrifice (if we choose to accept it) there is mercy, grace, forgiveness, reconciliation to start over. Love is a decision, not a feeling. We have to know what unconditional love is in order to know what we’re receiving, and know what we’re giving to ourselves and others.

  3. Haymond Don says:

    Toss me one Million I'll be Happy

  4. Trinika Owens says:

    Absolutely Correct❤

  5. Nathan Warrington says:

    U can make someone happy, but u can't make someone joyful. The only one who can make someone truly joyful is jesus.

  6. The truth channel says:

    I think I'm the guy with the empty cup, well there might be some crazy in there… Probably a whole load of that actually, but no happiness, and I wish someone could fill it.

  7. MrGrownman455 says:

    I told my girl that I retired from making her happy and she said that's fine because she can always hire someone else. LOL So that doesn't work with everyone.

  8. nino camacho says:

    No one is showing the fresh Prince love?….DAMNN
    My comment is that…He's completely right
    is just like how life is.
    Mr. Smith, well said.

  9. IG-88 says:

    Homos in HollyWeird

  10. Leigh Goodwin says:

    Real talk!

  11. watch and pray says:

    yea you can make someone smile but if it aint real, meaning happiness underlined, then its a lie. if i dont know, that i help to make you genuinly happy, then why am i in your circle.

  12. blanchecolombe1 says:

    So according to Jada, one of the biggest revelation about love is that you can’t make a person happy and according to Will that’s deep!
    Ok I got five kids and when I help my wife raising them it makes her HAPPY
    When I help around the house it makes my wife HAPPY
    When I take out the trash it makes my wife HAPPY
    When I make her breakfast it makes her HAPPY
    When she is down and I take time to lift her up it makes her HAPPY
    When I compliment her, guess what? It makes her HAPPY
    And the list goes on
    As well articulated as it sound it makes no sense to me what Will is saying
    So I really don’t know where the Smith are going with this
    Will I love and respect you but am gonna have to disagree with you on this one😉

  13. Energy Matterz Zone says:

    Dam nobody listen to me until someone famous breaks down what i break down wow

  14. B-vens Sinda says:

    That good understanding u know no body can make u happy no one ,we need to be happy before by ourself and then try to make other, .trust ur mind before some one else

  15. Lee Wiggins says:

    the realest words spoken!👍👍 this shld help alot of people who are confused about there feeling s in relationships

  16. Sclass Entertainment says:

    Is this pnb rock dad

  17. Chris Cornerstone says:

    Stick to acting , you do it well. But trying to parrot Tony Robbins just isn't becoming

  18. That Real Brew JUDAHJ says:

    Repent while Christ can still be found!



  20. Yves Bollanga says:

    Thank you

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