Here are our top upcoming Horror Movies 2018:

00:03 Slender Man
02:26 Halloween
05:03 The Nun
06:33 The First Purge
09:05 The Mermaid
11:04 The New Mutants
13:02 The House with a Clock in its Walls
15:02 The Little Stranger

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20 Responses to “TOP UPCOMING HORROR MOVIES 2018 Trailers (Part 2)”

  1. FilmSelect Trailer says:

    00:03 Slender Man
    02:26 Halloween
    05:03 The Nun
    06:33 The First Purge
    09:05 The Mermaid
    11:04 The New Mutants
    13:02 The House with a Clock in its Walls
    15:02 The Little Stranger

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  3. Marcelinaalmeida Almeida says:

    gostei muito desses filmes de terror

  4. Shama abeeha says:

    I love to watch horror and thrilled movies😀i'll watch all of them if they'll be available on youtube

  5. Ankit Dhabre says:

    Sabrina is more horror than this all

  6. Im a pandicorn777 says:

    Im gonna try and go watch them all
    Especially The new mutants
    Im so excited for them😂

  7. Keaon Patrick says:

    How is the house with a clock a horror movie WTF it's nothing that's horror its Deana

  8. Gabby Lauren says:

    They forgot that neverending house

  9. Deborah Kerns says:

    Slender Man
    The New Mutants &
    The House With A Clock In Its Walls didn't really do much for me..
    Halloween It's always nice to see a new twist to an old classic…
    The Nun looks really good, very few things make me jump, that did…
    The First Purge looks totally STUPID!
    The Mermaid … Let's just say, I don't think i'll ever see one in the same way again…
    The Little Stranger looks interesting, the English are so good at these type of stories…

  10. Laura Lozano says:

    Aunt may!? What happened to run the opposite way?

  11. Alloment Proof says:

    Literally didn't jump once for the Mermaid film because it had every cliche in the book. Too predictable.

  12. jeroen de groot says:

    Security smell good cmsnm pile scandal quite exactly complain map hide

  13. Lydia Official says:

    I swear if trump makes a purge night i will be the monster knocking at his door

  14. redster-08 kel M says:

    too excited for halloween but why change it to laurie not being his sister? so confused. why mess it up.

  15. Pacific Blue says:

    you're safe down here in the comments.

  16. Chocoloco van Geerenstein says:

    Im 12 and im watching this

  17. Stáfon Von Caḿron says:

    Do you have to watch the original before The Nun?

  18. chloe says:

    Nuns always scare me

  19. AlasHyun says:

    Awesome! Ruth Wilson♡♡

  20. Witch Hoe says:

    She's the real scream queen😂

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