iJevin Plays Minecraft – Ep. 6: MEGA DIAMOND FIND! (1.14 Minecraft Let's Play)

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Welcome to my let’s play for Minecraft 1.14, the Village & Pillage update! In this Minecraft 1.14 let’s play we will be exploring all the new features 1.14 has to offer! This Minecraft let’s play will last until Minecraft 1.15 is released!

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Welcome to my channel! Here you will find different types of Minecraft content. We do things like vanilla survival, modded, top 5’s, and more! If you enjoy the videos and wanna see more, make sure you subscribe.

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20 Responses to “iJevin Plays Minecraft – Ep. 6: MEGA DIAMOND FIND! (1.14 Minecraft Let's Play)”

  1. KxngRBLX says:

    2:14 looks like an optical illusion

  2. dude freeze says:

    instead of ladders use a bubble elvatetr

  3. Krebstarr says:

    Oh man, I still have the first X plays Minecraft videos on my favorites list. That was my first experience with the game before people really knew how to craft and watching him learn the whole process was awesome! Such great memories and it also reminds me how old I am…

  4. Viki Aleksic says:

    Do the OG's remenber jevination server?

  5. Emily Rose says:

    make blast furnaces, they cook ore extremely fast! smokers cook food fast too!!

  6. why tuna says:

    Quest systems

  7. I was raised by Vegans says:

    The satisfaction I got whenever he found coal

  8. I was raised by Vegans says:

    For me to get motivation I just watch Minecraft videos and it makes me wanna play so take that advice

  9. LILriebel LIGMA says:

    Usually i save my diamond pick for getting enchantments and then using it on only diamonds and obsidian and then use iron on everything else. You use diamond for everything. Should i switch to using only a diamond pick?

  10. Sufi Levy says:


  11. Particle Burst says:

    #qotd the achievement system they have should have rewards for completing those achievements

  12. TheKing Reaper says:

    11:32 Jevin you can't do that the villagers are bound to the table and only have a limited range they can leave I tried this in vanilla on Xbox and it didn't work 😢😑😂

  13. Aditya Agrawal says:

    Quest pls

  14. Blake Davis says:

    At 12:04 you make a villager noise

  15. mikk920u says:

    You are the best youtuber! Im so happy that you like making minecraft content. That makes me happy when im sad <3

  16. Preston White says:

    You sound like Patrick Mahoms

  17. Preston White says:

    Is this your full time job

  18. Preston White says:

    Can you make a farm pls

  19. tomateLopes says:

    You can use boats to move villagers man.

  20. Colin Richardson says:

    Hi Jevin! I don't know if you will see this but I hope you will. I am going through a hard time right now and watching your videos help me through everything.

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