Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo

Music video by Don Omar performing Danza Kuduro. (C) 2010 Machete Music

25 Responses to “Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo”

  1. yahavvvv says:

    עזבו אותכם הוא סתם דיג’יי צעצוע קבלו משהו פצצה !!
    Get a much better DJ!
    Crazy trend

  2. DanielBreland says:

    -The music industry has become so reliant on sex, drugs, and even crime to make money.
    -I’m a 16 singer and rapper and I don’t talk about those things. I’m about sending positive messages in my songs.
    -I have 1 song on iTunes, “Reflections”, and 10,000 subscribers here on Youtube.
    -If you could give this comment a thumbs up, and if you have a few seconds to watch one of my videos, you won’t be disappointed.
    Thank you so much,
    -Daniel Breland

  3. PitchSef says:

    Dembow 😉

  4. lo92re says:

    who cares .. its music 

  5. YpsilonZed says:

    Am Sack vom Udo xD

  6. lavicha9 says:

    Look at this

  7. panda01030 says:

    what’s the song playing the the background in the beginning?

  8. rodolfopette says:

    DOM OMAR ,it is kuduro ?

  9. starweaver50 says:

    this song makes me wanna watch fast five lol

  10. gracevidalbustanni says:

    la mano arriba O/

  11. espenevado21 says:

    Me encanta me gusta

  12. 08Mejiak says:

    Good music!

  13. Susanoo179 says:

    Thats dominican music for those of you that dont know, music from my culture.

  14. IIRonaldo91 says:

    Chek out Remix i made ppl /watch?v=M6VVjsWKutQ&feature=relmfu
    Thumbs up plz, i work hard for it : )

  15. AarminTotti says:

    好聽的歌 :)

  16. GirlCOsk8er says:

    1.searched the song
    2.really like it, never heard it before, thought it was new
    3.looked at the views…guess im the last person on the PLANET that listened to this O__O

  17. atsushi091137 says:

    No.1 song

  18. crois45 says:

    pozz iz hrvatske

  19. chayanneeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    new hit el profe ft mr franco – me pone loco

  20. ettbrowneyes says:

    Hot ish!!! Nothing like a good riddim…

  21. Dragan Simic says:

    Serbia !!! Best song !!!!!!!!!!!

  22. gabrielcoritibactba says:

    oioioioii dança kuduro

  23. Brotheraoo says:

    esta musica é tema de novela no brasil td mundo canta ela muito legal

  24. Esra Kurt says:

    i wonder their eyes

  25. LORD1166 says:

    Best:) najbolja !

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