Irene was the inspiration of Red Velvet’s hair style [Happy Together/2019.7.04]

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▶ Happy Together Ep.594 | 해피투게더
– Showtime : Thurs 23:00 (Seoul, UTC+9)

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20 Responses to “Irene was the inspiration of Red Velvet’s hair style [Happy Together/2019.7.04]”

  1. fany mushroom says:

    Dang it I thought it was red velvet Irene HAHHA

  2. Jaja Manalo says:

    She lose weight but still gorgeous ❤️

  3. Lady Ruth Capinpin says:

    I knew Irene before I even knew kpop 😂😂😂. I like her a lot ❤️

  4. Hi I'm Catbug says:

    Who is 1:06?

  5. 뵈mil says:

    I knew it. Saw irene in wigh this hair in k-style

  6. korean at heart says:

    if you're feeling down, watch this 1:32


    Thank you Irene for stylished Red Velvet😄💞

  8. twice is lifer says:

    lol i thought it was irene from redvelvet

  9. kathographer says:

    There’s two korean Irene in the fashion world. Irene Kim and Irene Bae 😍

  10. Bae Seulgi says:

    Seulgi was actually fan of ireneisgood products she buys them because it looks good.

  11. leahkim says:

    She looks like actress lee min jung in this vid😍

  12. Crytal Mendez says:

    what episode it is?

  13. Mubashira Mahboob says:

    I got to know her through Amber

  14. Taehyungie Mullet says:

    She is super honest and fun. 🙂

  15. DA ARMY says:

    I really wanna have same style cuz when RV debuted their hair so beautiful but unfortunately isn't work yet

  16. Blue Collar Consulting Group says:

    When I notice somebody talking about inspiration, I consistently reach out and say whats up. How long have you been preparing videos?

  17. bad boy says:

    who is she (clicked by curiosity) and how old is she?

  18. Pradita Ananda says:

    She's also close with Seulgi and Joy. So yeah, RV is literally her minies

  19. Pradita Ananda says:

    My fave K-model. Been followed her since she hit the fashion world with her ombre rainbow hair. She's also cute, effortlessly cute without trying

  20. felix Jr says:

    ouh ! my mini-me 🤣

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