Here's How Beyonce And Jay-Z Spend All Their Money

Pimped out rides, historical mansions, and… mink eyelashes? When you’re the top power couple in all of music, you spend your money on whatever you want – even if that happens to be outrageously expensive eye hair customization. Here are some of the ways Jay-Z and Beyoncé spend their fortune.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé apparently decided that you can’t put a price on love after the birth of their daughter, Blue Ivy. Her parents dote on her so much, there have even been talks of the cutie allegedly becoming a true diva already.

Spoiling Blue in the most outrageous ways, the A-list couple decided to start with their gift-giving fiesta on her first birthday, according to The Sun. The mag claimed Blue got an ,000 diamond-encrusted Barbie, which was customized with a reported “160 of the gems, plus white gold jewelry.” A source dished,

“Nothing’s been too big or expensive for their little princess. They wanted her first birthday to set the tone for the rest of her life […] They work hard for their money and the first thing they want to spend it on is their baby girl.”

As their teeny tot grew, it didn’t mean her parents doted on her any less. In 2016, Blue accompanied her mom to the VMAs, decked out in some mega fashionable threads. According to The Hollywood Reporter, her dress cost a whopping ,950.

Watch the video to see how Beyonce and Jay-Z spend all their money!

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Spoiling Blue Ivy | 0:18
The twins | 1:16
Time in Paris | 2:16
Real estate | 3:22
Private island | 4:47
Fortune to drive | 5:45
‘Kobe Bryant of barbers’ | 6:53
Pricey eyelashes | 8:01
Drunk in love | 9:04
Sharing with friends | 9:51

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20 Responses to “Here's How Beyonce And Jay-Z Spend All Their Money”

  1. Nicki Swift says:

    How would YOU spend a Beyonce/Jay-Z fortune?

  2. kia curry says:

    I think they forgot the private jet

  3. Francisco jose Sánchez Romero says:

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  4. Francisco jose Sánchez Romero says:

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  5. zornitsa yohanova says:

    big fan of B, but these mink lashes totally dissapointed me.

  6. My Self says:

    No way I can't believe that. Beyonce has a plan B right 🤔

  7. Tracey Trotter says:

    Do they realize that people are hungry and suffering out there? No integrity. Or talent. All Beyonce's looks. The Queen of Superficiality. Sad.

  8. Deja says:

    if they're not giving any of it to me then why should I care?

  9. Roy Thompson says:

    They also buy incredible contemporary art.

  10. Donald Flowers says:

    Ryder c Daniels that is your opinion and by the way I didn't ask you anything and I was stating my feelings not yours or anyone else's boy bye and I bet you are young

  11. Chevon Keller says:

    no way to tell the lashes are not real until you said they are not real. now we know

  12. Chevon Keller says:

    and some children die of starvation. poverty is not a disease it's man made and we are program to accept these unfair inequalities

  13. Ghana Mafia says:

    A $50,000 tip?….wow….that's a life changing TIP.

  14. J D says:

    The perfect example that class can't be bought..

  15. Madison aka Maddy says:

    Lies 😂😂😂

  16. Shirley Giordano says:

    This is ridiculous. The greedy green. Nobody needs that much money. I would never use all that money on just me and my family. There are many homeless and needy people out there. God is all I need.

  17. Cherinski says:

    too bad they arent more altruistic, think of all the good they could do.

  18. C.E. Nelson says:


  19. Susan Corlett says:

    When they spend their hard earned money,people are in jobs because of them,so good for them.

  20. Androman says:

    And people are dying of starvation… smh.

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