Drake & Josh Cast: Where Are They Now?

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We’ve been thinking about the Drake & Josh cast. Where are they now? We’ll be looking at various actors and actresses from the Drake & Josh cast and seeing what they’ve been up to in recent years. MsMojo looks over the Drake & Josh cast and where they are now. Which cast member do you think has come the farthest? Let us know in the comments!

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20 Responses to “Drake & Josh Cast: Where Are They Now?”

  1. thedarknightme says:

    Drake also has a superhero movie ironically entitled “Superhero Movie” where he became The Dragonfly.

  2. VcanTheMusicMan says:

    The mom’s name was Audrey btw

  3. Perrralta 17 says:

    He part of the vlog squad

  4. Josh Salvation says:


  5. Rebecca Michael says:

    Spencer turned a Fire Extinguisher into a Flame Thrower! Ironic, isn't it?

  6. Alexis Kinsey says:

    crazy video

  7. Mel B says:

    Josh played in a big bang theory episode as an owner of his comic book store

  8. Mel B says:

    I think crazy Steve has issues probably from his child hood he needs a psychiatrist there’s something wrong with him for sure.

  9. Mel B says:

    The table went up it grabbed the coke and spun it around naturally magnets grab stuff so that was impressive than Josh’s magnet that even though it was one can actually picked it up notice mindy’s magnet only held one can. Josh’s magnet was better than mindys which wasn’t impressive at all.

  10. KM WATSON says:

    Seriously do more research you didn't mention anything about Drake music and Josh has also done a movie

  11. MK Marko says:

    Josh peck also did grandfathered w john Stamos

  12. Yizzy says:

    Mindy so fine

  13. TheCraziestGamer says:

    How do you guys not mention his music career?

  14. Pinolyzer Productions Inc. says:

    It felt like crazy Steve was in way more episodes than 10

  15. THE KOOL- AID MAN says:

    Didnt miranda also sing?

  16. Karnage says:

    Josh Peck looks hotter

  17. rinzo says:

    DAMN! This sure brings back memories of when Nickelodeon used to be good.
    Now all that remains is Henry Danger and the Rise of the TMNT.

    But back to the topic. Am glad that apart from Drake's DUI issues, everything ended quite well for the cast.

  18. Raymond Watt says:

    Drake and Josh had it's moments but the character Megan ruined the show for me.

  19. LongHairedGIRL2000!!!! says:

    I loved the show Drake and Josh, and it would be cool if you're next video was TMNT 2012 Cast: Where Are They Now? I loved that show too, and it'd awesome to find out.

  20. BrooklynHeather says:

    how can they not mention that josh is now one of the leading actors in david dobriks vlogs?😂😂

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