Frozen 2 Arendelle Castle Village – Lego Speed Build

Frozen 2 Arendelle Castle Village - Lego Speed Build

Arendelle Castle looks so gorgeous in Lego form – this is the second version and it’s just as pretty as the first one. Anna and Elsa have splendid new outfits for Frozen 2 and Kristoff looks very dashing in his tunic and leggings, he makes the cutest little minidoll. At the moment the castle is completely empty of furniture so we’ll build that in the next part!

The LEGO® Disney Frozen II 41167 Arendelle Castle Village playset will give any fan of the movie endless hours of magical creative play. Perfect for reenacting favorite scenes, Anna and Elsa’s home has 3 stories that can be easily removed and reassembled for play access inside. The furniture pieces are also designed to be easily moved and rearranged between the throne room, bedroom and attic floors. Outside, the market stalls are full of their finest produce, and there’s a rowing boat at the jetty, just waiting to be taken on an adventure! This Arendelle playset includes 3 favorite Disney characters and 3 LEGO animal figures.

Includes Elsa, Anna and Kristoff mini-doll figures, plus 3 LEGO® animal figures: a cat and 2 birds.
Features a 3-story castle with throne room, bedroom and attic, baker’s stall, fishmonger’s stall with small dock and a rowing boat with oars.
Accessory elements include a portrait and easel, treasure chest, crown, telescope, bust with stand, bird house, lamppost, gift box, gift, fish, crab, bread, vegetables, broom and a sword.
Inspire imagination as kids create, build and play out the Frozen II universe in Anna and Elsa’s castle, then make up new settings and Frozen stories using the LEGO® bricks.
Lift the comforter to ‘tuck’ a mini-doll inside the bed!
The furniture pieces are designed to be easily moved and mixed around between the rooms.
The modular style means the 3 stories can be taken apart and reassembled, making it easy for friends to play inside different parts of the castle at the same time.

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20 Responses to “Frozen 2 Arendelle Castle Village – Lego Speed Build”

  1. ellieV toys says:

    Here are some places where you can find the set, just in case you wanted to know how much it is in your country and build it yourself! 😘
    Lego AU
    Argos UK

  2. yume umi says:

    Purple is counted as a royal Colour as it used to be a rare colour as the people crushed snail to get purple colour dye

  3. Rejina Malanot says:

    Elliev where did you buy that orange thingy, that your using to remove the wrong pieces

  4. Mya Villarreal says:

    Not really wanting to hurt 😔 your feelings but the family portrait is not straight

  5. Pawtiastic Kids says:


  6. Amazing things says:

    Anna does not have blue eyes!

  7. Patricia Griffin says:

    Hey I think 💭 🤔 that you should keep making Lego friends 👭 👬 👫

  8. Cookie Lover says:

    I want chocolate 🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫❤️🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫❤️❤️🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

  9. Alistair Smith says:

    Lego friends henny Sophie garden will be back in the evening for the rest of the night and will be back in the evening for the rest of the night and will be
    Yyjgjyyjgyjgytgtt=5nt5t5ty5y t t6ty6t6 t u6tu6 t6ut6uutt6ut u66u t5 the evening for the rest of the night and will be back in the evening for the rest of the night and will be back in the evening for the rest of the night and will be back in the evening for the rest of the night and will be back

  10. Brenda McCann says:

    Wipe the eyes off Ellie

  11. Arunachalam Thangavelu says:

    Yes the village needs a red crab. Yesssss!!!!

  12. Arunachalam Thangavelu says:

    Their faces look a bit like the Disney villains than the princesses

  13. Susan Larrabee says:

    You are the best Elliev and so good at legos

  14. Docbenjo says:

    The cat looks like it is Emma’s cat

  15. Cameron O'Brien Horse Racing Information and Tips says:

    it was really random to just chuck it in there

  16. safiyyah mohammed says:

    Elsa’s face in LEGO’s (dis vid) Is SO YUCK

  17. LC Ferguson says:

    you should make a frozen princess apartment

  18. Keira Stewart says:

    Elsa's dress looks like Rapunzel's dress!

  19. Withered Bonnie says:

    I actually prefer the old face than the new one

  20. Jose Alan Castro says:

    Where is the BEDROOM!!!

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