Merry Happy Whatever | Official Trailer | Netflix

Merry Happy Whatever | Official Trailer | Netflix

Merry Happy Whatever follows Don Quinn (Dennis Quaid), a strong-willed patriarch from Philadelphia doing his best to balance the stress of the holidays with the demands of his close-knit but eclectic family — and his family doing their best to manage him. But when youngest daughter Emmy (Bridgit Mendler) arrives home from L.A. with a new boyfriend, struggling musician Matt (Brent Morin), Don’s belief that “there’s the Quinn way… and the wrong way” is put to the test.

From Emmy Award-winning creator Tucker Cawley (Everybody Loves Raymond), Merry Happy Whatever is a hilarious and heartwarming comedy that proves while family may not come wrapped up in a neat little bow, it sometimes can still be the greatest gift.

Merry Happy Whatever launches November 28, only on Netflix.


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Merry Happy Whatever | Official Trailer | Netflix

A strong-willed dad navigates the stress of the holiday season when his daughter brings her new boyfriend home for Christmas. Starring Dennis Quaid.
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20 Responses to “Merry Happy Whatever | Official Trailer | Netflix”

  1. Yvette Franco says:

    Aww my undateable couple lives on.

  2. Lincoln Gravel says:


  3. cj wins says:

    Is it a show? It’s great to see Bridgit and Ashley!!

  4. Nivedha U S says:


  5. Anna Christina says:

    Bridgit and Ashley in a show? What more could I ask for!?

  6. dkhasar92 says:

    I'm really excited for this. I was a huge fan of undateable

  7. dkhasar92 says:

    I'm really excited for this. I was a huge fan of undateable

  8. Dana Bryant says:

    Soo.. this is a sequel to Undateable….?

  9. Ella Adlung says:

    Christmas movies in November are everything

  10. Supersoccerchic says:

    I just find it hilarious that Brent and Bridgit were in Undateable and are a couple and now, they're a couple here. Seriously? It's hilarious and of course, Dennis Quaid and Ashley Tisdale are awesome.

  11. eumesmo says:

    This looks terrible and I am gonna watch every single episode.

  12. Lainey Bug says:

    Meh… I could live without the trope of walking on egg shells to impress dickhead family member to be accepted into family. But then again, when people are nice and decent human beings who respect eachother, there's not bound to be much of a movie…

  13. jayakrishnan j says:

    This looks like the new "friends" wannabe

  14. Jam Jams says:

    Can you put the nightmare before christmas back on there

  15. Shahbano Malik says:

    I have never seen Dennis Quaid NOT play a father. Everything I have seen him in, he's a father in that movie/show.

  16. Hyraladen T says:

    A series? Thought it was a movie…

  17. Thomas Newell says:

    Good Luck Charlie fans where you at.

  18. Ruby says:

    Christ almighty

  19. hunnerdayEDT says:

    Laugh track….laugh track….repeat 😴

  20. Lex Rodriguez says:

    Damn Ashley is still hot

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