Billie Eilish – all the good girls go to hell (Live From The American Music Awards/2019)


Listen to “everything i wanted”:

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20 Responses to “Billie Eilish – all the good girls go to hell (Live From The American Music Awards/2019)”

  1. lily pool says:

    2:02 Camilla Carmelo and shawn medes OMG

  2. Wolfy wolf girl UwU says:

    Sees shawn Mendes and his girlfriend friend *yells lungs out

  3. Strictly Original Materials says:

    Devil worshipper.

  4. Veno Enoo says:

    Who else here because you'are true fans billie eillish ?


  5. _.itzjuju._ says:

    I was so happy when I seen that on tv all I said was "Mommy Billie is on" me and my family loves you so much

  6. guenivere silva says:

    Ariana : Yuh

    Billie : Duh

    Cardi B : Okurr

    Selena : mmn mmn mmn mmn mmn

    Shawn and Camila : Ohh la la la

    Kylie : rise and shine

    Hotel : trivago

  7. Anonymous Noodle says:

    ella mai at 1:17

  8. Amine Pain says:

    i feel sad for every human loves music

  9. SupernaturalLove100 says:

    She sings so..quietly? Lol it’s like she’s whispering you can barely hear her. I understand that seems to b her style tho.

  10. jay oliver says:

    grow up little devil whore. or be smited by the holy. last warning.

  11. Jahmeel Gordon says:

    Lizzo fanning herself is me watching this

  12. jay oliver says:

    this satanist needs to be excommunicated from the industry. disgusting evil filth. grow up dam, you females and goofs act the same but when all goes down you beg god for mercy. death to satanism and death to evil and evil worshippers. stop promoting bullshit ellie. you're a clown satanist

  13. Lucifer_the_Saint says:

    wish i was there….."STFU !!! WITH THE SCREAMING!!! DAYUM !!!!"

  14. Diary Suly says:

    Why Finneas didn't perform, i love his songs.

  15. Jaymhen B says:

    Lizzo is me!!!

  16. Thien-An Truong says:

    Auto tune: Every singer needs me!
    Billie: Ima ruin dis dude’s career

  17. Noelia Diaz Bayon says:

    Best part: 1:20 1:32

  18. Jasmine skye says:

    2:00 ew

  19. Miin Borges says:

    Alguém do Brasil apaixonada pela Billie ???

  20. Victoria Oleta says:

    the fuckin videos at the end that pop up covered face at my favorite part so thank you for that

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