JUSTIN BIEBER, DRAKE – Yummy / Hotline Bling (Mashup)

Call me on my cell phone, yeah babe. Say the word, on my way.

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20 Responses to “JUSTIN BIEBER, DRAKE – Yummy / Hotline Bling (Mashup)”

  1. AnDyWuMUSICLAND says:

    Call me on my cell phone, yeah babe. Say the word, on my way.

  2. peachy lee says:

    this is so good wow

  3. بشاير م says:

    Yo wtf dis shit is sick

  4. INKG says:


  5. Joanna Joseph says:

    It’s so weird how I felt that hotline bling and Yummy would be an amazing mashup and here I am. 🙏🏻🥰

  6. fantasiazplatkami says:


  7. HUNgRYXX says:

    I have also made a mashup of Yummy….can anybody like to watch that here???

  8. Zheng Hui says:

    set the play speed to 1.1X and thank me after

  9. Trace C. says:

    I was expecting this.

  10. T Y says:

    After the first time I heard yummy, I truly believe that I can find yummy & hotline bing mashup on YouTube

  11. SleekSlyProductions says:

    This was so dope. I started smiling the moment I saw the title lol. I love this mix. Very well done!

  12. Julian Giraldo says:

    Those are the wrong pitches because they don't match and Drake is a wrong person.

  13. Renée Peters says:

    As usual, you're a genius with mashups. Your mashups are always so balanced so both songs get the spotlight.

  14. Caden Brown says:

    Low key i think that Justin hot inspired by hotline bling and wanted to some similar but keep his touch in it. But faild totally

  15. Judy Huang says:

    if felt so good when it kicks in with my goose bumps all over everywhere

  16. Ben says:

    this shit hard 🤤🤤🥵

  17. Nameera Sheikh says:

    Y'all know justin bieber sang hotline bling right?

  18. Levy says:

    who wants me to remix this yea i got that kushy kushy got that kushy kushy

  19. Lien Tran says:

    Favorite Canadians 😍🤤❤️

  20. Gabriela Pino says:

    Literally when i was listening to Yummy for the first time i was thinking it was exactly the same sound of Hotline Bling. Today i saw this on my notifications and it was like you read my mind!!

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