Hayley Williams – Leave It Alone [Official Music Video]

Hayley Williams – Leave It Alone
Stream/Download: https://HayleyWilliams.lnk.to/LeaveItAloneID

Directed by Warren Fu
Produced by Whitney Jackson
Director of Photography – Thomas Banks
Creative Director – Lindsey Byrnes

Music Written by – Hayley Williams & Joey Howard
Music Produced By: Taylor York

Local Producer (Tennessee) – Loren Hughes & DREAMBEAR
Executive Producer – Sara Nix
Production Company – Partizan Entertainment
Costume Designer – Steph Thorpe
Hair & Makeup – Brian O’Connor
Special Effects Makeup – Ben Rittenhouse
Choreographer – Tovaris Wilson
Production Designer – Marcus Cooley
Story by – Warren Fu, Hayley Williams & Lindsey Byrnes
Editors – Warren Fu & Wes Sanchez
Color – Kaitlyn Battistelli @ Ethos
Sound Design – Brandon Kim @ Therapy Studios
VFX – Eric Epstein VFX – Max Colt @ Frender

Aaron Steel – Drums, Congas, Percussion
Joey Howard – Bass, Keys, Percussion
Hayley Williams – Vocals
Daniel James – String Arrangements
Benjamin Kaufman – Violin, Chin Cello
Taylor York – Additional Instrumentation

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Leave It Alone (lyrics)

Don’t nobody tell me that God don’t have a sense of humor
Cause now that I want to live
Well everybody around me is dying
Now that I finally want to live the ones I love are dying

Becoming friends with a noose that I made and I been trying to untie it
Make it into something useful or maybe hang it through a window pane
Turn it into a fire escape

It tastes so bitter on my tongue
The truth’s a killer
But I can’t leave it alone

You don’t remember my name somedays or that we’re related
Triggers my worry
Who else am I gonna lose before I am ready?
And who’s gonna lose me?

It tastes so bitter on my tongue
The truth’s a killer
But I can’t leave it alone

If you know love
Best prepare to grieve
Let it into your open heart and
Then prepare to let it leave

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20 Responses to “Hayley Williams – Leave It Alone [Official Music Video]”

  1. JackStrait says:

    This sounds like it could be on Sia's album Color the Small One

  2. Henrique Hatta says:

    This fits Thom Yorke's voice a lot

  3. Kryz says:

    Remember when she use to be a pop punk singer? I miss that.

  4. Joshua Miller says:

    Netflix: Are you still watching?
    Someone's daughter: 3:59

  5. berkanda says:

    cantik banget mba hayley!!!!!!

  6. bilinas mini says:

    Hayley said “we breathing on every song this 2020”

  7. Kanata Sayori says:

    The lyrics are simple, yet it reaches deep into a lot of people who had their fair time with depression.

    I don’t even know when I raise my strength to climb out that void, will I be prepared to see my loved ones lost to time.

    Thank you, Hayley, for putting it into words.

  8. gerry hasell says:

    getting darker

  9. Josephene Yonnes says:

    The Zip Ties though

  10. Brandon Hancock says:

    Weird video aside.. that music is sick. While she always has been to me, I think Hayley will aspire to be recognized as one of the greatest vocalist in the business.

  11. Lara says:

    She's so weird, I love it.

  12. Nelcy Ponce says:

    1:29 NooOoOo Hayley, ¿Cómo vas a quitarte esas madres de la cabeza?, Te vas a quedar calva😭👌🏻

  13. Sheila Mae Olino says:

    Love you Hayley! 💞

  14. Tony Bautista says:

    Umm, WOW! I just happened to click on this music video to see who this Haylay Williams is. Glad I did! All of it, the music and video, is beautiful. 3:)

  15. Mvrk S says:

    She Stevie nicks in the woods! Love this.

  16. Italo Uchoa says:

    someone watched midsommar..

  17. Andrea R says:

    Anyone else kinda disappointed her solo album isnt with fueled by ramen (this is nOT hate)

  18. Rodrigo Costa says:

    We Are Broken (2007): I’ll take the truth at any cost
    Careful (2009): the truth never set me free
    so I'll do it myself
    Leave It Alone (2020): the truth’s a killer
    but I can’t leave it alone

    Even through all the changes some things remain with us

  19. ATIN FAN says:

    Woah, it's serenading my soul.🖤

  20. Trent Lindsey says:

    Not a fan. Bring back Hayley from the Paramore days.

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