Language genius Hao is also a music genius? [The Return of Superman/2020.02.21]

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20 Responses to “Language genius Hao is also a music genius? [The Return of Superman/2020.02.21]”

  1. EXO L says:

    Lmfao at the begging, hilarious. gary is still gary

  2. bell da says:

    "it was fun" with no expression face. I'M FINE

  3. Sarinah Mohamed says:

    he really has gary's lip

  4. MintyTaeKookie says:

    He is so smart😍

  5. shiela shiela says:

    I can see another kpop musician star on him

  6. jamie . kk says:

    I love hao very smart cute boy

  7. gjul azizul90 says:

    genius boy…..

  8. Christopher Bang says:

    I can't be the only one that feel disturbed by the 'commenter(?)' voice at the background

  9. Belia Putri says:

    How cute 😍

  10. Fiona Fidela says:

    My fav toddler ❤❤

  11. VIP BLackjack says:

    Genius baby

  12. Livia Amanda says:

    automatically throwback to running man

  13. imDhaiche Gallego says:

    Hao reminds me of Sungjae.
    And Gary reminds me of Mr. LEE(sian appa) a prankster 😂

  14. Nadius89 says:

    16:50 future Ling Ling Kang Hao has his first encounter with a violin. Soon he'll be practicing 40hs a day.

  15. Me Ni says:

    watched it already without subtitles and again watching it….. omg i m in love 🥰….

  16. astrid kuntjara says:

    Aww… haoh is my fav after haru, triplets and the twins 😍

  17. Emerald says:

    Both of them look like Seventeen Dino🙂 hahhaa just saying

  18. aimi jiwon says:


  19. ratna juwita says:

    OMG 😭😭 hao~aaa you get my heart

  20. juvy desendario says:

    Love this kid..excited to see the next episodes of TROS.

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