Money Mitch – “STUNTING” feat. Idrankyourlean (Official Music Video – WSHH Exclusive)

Exclusive WSHH music video for “STUNTING” by Money Mitch (ft. Idrankyourlean).
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Directed by: Daniel Castillo
Produced by: Big Gates
Edited by: Daniel Castillo
Videographer: Daniel Castillo

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20 Responses to “Money Mitch – “STUNTING” feat. Idrankyourlean (Official Music Video – WSHH Exclusive)”

  1. Clarimax says:

    And this is why Lyrical Lemonade is better

  2. CrazyManer says:

    he calls himself money mitch, but everybody else is calling him : dads money b*tch

  3. ShotByGreenLight TV says:

    GAS ⛽️🔥💯

  4. ShotByGreenLight TV says: 🔥🔥🔥

  5. rt tretre says:

    This song makes me wanna delete my windows folder

  6. Josh Nutt says:

    Yoo i came across this afain lmfao omg nooooo haha yo the dude money mitch watchin right now like 😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭 fuck those haters im the fuckin greatest rapper alive………. Hahhahahhaha fuck you money bitch bitch hahaha paid that chick to grab her ass wtf us these kids thinking hahahha i bet he mad idky youtube showed me some shit like this like to get that many view wtf dude

  7. Hotshot gaming says:

    This is the new generation of rap?………..Just no

  8. Trappin ain't dead says:

    She came just for da bag

  9. Darth Green Ranger says:

    Haters this is fire

  10. Sxerene _ says:

    This is just funny

  11. Fresh Northwest says:

    This is absolutely fucking terrible, shit like this exists cause you new rappers and fans of that bullshit have allowed it to happen… fuck all you chumps for ruining hip hop… thankfully there are still some real ones left that actually spit but 99% of new rappers are an embarrassment.

  12. jamesfal says:


  13. Cloud Air says:


  14. Jasia Valdez says:


  15. Prod.twosto says:

    the Idrankyourlean guy is fr a cheap looking version of landon cube…

  16. Traxxas Smiff says:

    Nuff said…

  17. j rod says:

    Whats wrong with these lil kids 💩 💩 💩

  18. Dr. Reefer says:

    Worldstar wtf are you doing if you don't stop dropping this shit I'mma unsubscribe

  19. Nefarious Crook says:

    This some rich kid that watched a few rap videos and now he thinks hes from the hood or sum shit?

  20. Curtis Petersen says:

    I don't want to leave negative comments but…wtf is this… EMBARRASSING

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