Paalam – Moira Dela Torre x Ben&Ben (Music Video)

Watch the official music video of “Paalam” by Moira Dela Torre x Ben&Ben!

Words and Music by: Moira Dela Torre, Jason Hernandez and Paolo Guico
Vocals: Moira Dela Torre, Paolo Guico, and Miguel Guico
Keyboards: Patricia Lasaten and Chris Ian Rosales
Bass Guitar: Agnes Reoma
Electric Guitar: Poch Barretto
Acoustic Guitar: Miguel Benjamin
Violin: Keifer Cabugao and Kyla Coronel
Drums: Jam Villanueva
Percussion and Back Up Vocals: Andrew De Pano and Toni Muñoz
Recorded by Tim Recla at Purple Room Studios
Mixed by Gabriel Tagadtad and Mastered by Jett Galindo at Bakery Mastering Studios Los Angeles California
Over-all Produced by Moira de La Torre & Jonathan Manalo

Director: Niq Ablao
Director of Photography:
Performance’s Lighting Director: Shaira Luna
Narrative: Niq Ablao
2nd unit Director of Photography: Dan Orozco
Producers: Star Music – Mela Ballano and London Angeles | Moira Dela Torre
Camera Operators: Niq Ablao, Shaira Luna, Dan Orozco and Bryan Termulo
Production Manager: Shiela Mae Rey
Production Assists: Meryll Chan, Roman Coloma and Joseph Tolentino
Wardrobes: Shaira Luna
Editor/Colorist: Niq Ablao
Location Manager: Dan Orozco
Patawad, Paalam: Written by Moira, Jason & Argee Guerrero
Hair: Florenz
Make up: Theresa Padin
Styled by: Eds Cabral
Paalam (Written by Moira, Jason & Paolo Guico) & Patawad MVs:
Make up: Niki Medina
Hair: MJ Rone
Dress by: Patricia Santos
Ben&Ben band + styling + make up and hair
I Belong To The Zoo
Thanks to
Alphonse of Lampara, Poblacion
Boyet Cruzado
Special thanks to:
Cristina Puyat
New Lounge
Patricia Santos
Wardrobes by Shaira Luna and Patricia Santos
Locations: Benson’s Textile
Chairman Consencio Lagamayo (Brgy. 269)

Pag asa nasaan ka
Ba’t sumama sa pag lisan niya
Kung babawiin ang mga nasabi
Babalik ba saking tabi?

San ba magsisimula
Kung ako’y umaasa pa
Naniniwala sa iyong pangako
Na hinding hindi susuko

Ba’t di man lang nagpaalam / pinaalam
O di lang ikaw yung nasaktan
Hindi pa ba sapat
Nung binigay ko ang lahat

Pagbigyan ang aking tugon
Wag iwan sa imahinasyon
Kahit na huling sulyap lamang
Malaman lang na di nagkulang

Paalam, Paalam, Palaam, Paalam

Bridge 1:
Sa ating nakaraan
Sa mga pinagsisisihan
Saking nadarama
Kaya ko nang wala ka
Sa naging pagmamahalan
Sa mga pangakong naiwanan
wala na kong pagsisihan
At sa wakas ay kakalimutan

Last chorus:
At kahit di nagpaalam
Di bale na kung nasaktan
Ika’y naging sapat
Kahit tinapon ang lahat

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20 Responses to “Paalam – Moira Dela Torre x Ben&Ben (Music Video)”

  1. Meiren Musume says:

    ang saket talaga

  2. Jlhyn Jhoy says:

    Ang sakit 😭😭

  3. Mika Ella says:

    "The pain goes away the sooner than you think"

  4. YNO PAOLO says:


  5. John Ashley Paul Asia says:

    Alam ko ang Ganda damhin yung pain. Pero sana wag kayo give-up sa taong mahal niyo.

  6. Jexrel Vlogs says:

    “Kaya ko nang wala ka”… ang sakit. 🥺

  7. Janu Esco says:

    There was never an "us". I thought i fell in love with her. But i only fell into false hopes. And yes, i'm letting go. Dasal ko sana lagi kang safe, at mahanap mo ang totoong sarili mo. Mahal kita, pero masakit na kasi, kaya paalam na, at Salamat. 💔

  8. Jeremy Cabillo says:

    "Pag-asa, nasaan ka? Ba't sumama sa paglisan niya. Kung babawiin ang mga nasabi, babalik ba sa aking tabi?"

    It just hit me hard there. The opening statement is a complete depiction of how it is when something so beautiful just ended in a glimpse. Words are just so dangerous. Wrong choice of words even at the best time and place may lose it all. Sometimes, I ask myself, "What if I didn't say that? Would it be different now?" Be careful with words. They are the most readily available weapon to break something wonderful.

    At the interlude part where vox keep on singing "Paalam" repeatedly, I'm just not sure if it's the first or second one, the lead guitar responds with a musical theme from "Maybe the Night." It gives me assumption that the two characters in the MV might have known from the beginning that risks were present and they chose to take them on. Eventually, they "followed the pull of fate" but everything turned out to be a "kathang-isip."

    "At sa wakas ay kakalimutan."

    It is a sense of relief. Ironically, just at the right time this line is being sung, the characters in the MV meet. It gives hint that it might be some closure that they have been longing for some time now, that at last, they've had it.

    The building up of the instrumental arrangement, starting from a quiet one and reaching up its climax then resolving into a quiet one reflects the episodes of emotion one may have if he/she is on the very same dilemma. It begins with a regret, that builds up to frustration and peaking to despair and resolving to a peaceful acceptance.

    Kudos Ben & Ben and Ms. Moira. It was another masterpiece to behold. Gos bless you more!

  9. Perennial Rhinitis says:

    Mga collab nila ang sakit sa puso sa ganda

  10. Ron Bacani says:

    This is just beautiful

  11. Nemuel Noche says:

    kaya sa pag alis mo, umasa ako noon na tayo parin kahit pa sinabi mong paalam…

  12. Marco Lubugan says:

    Sampung taon simula nung magkakilala tayo, at eto tayo ngayon, parang walang pinagsamahan.. Salamat sa lahat! Baon ko lahat ng aral, paalam.. 😢

  13. Christian Santiago says:

    Hindi paba sapat yung IBTTZ moira? bakit mo ginagawa sakin to!

  14. Ardim Golondrina says:

    Lumisan sya dala sarili nya, di nya alam nasama nya pati puso ko.

  15. Leriza De los Reyes says:

    My ex boyfriend and I broke up 6 months ago. Apparently, he fell in love with another woman and as far as I know, they're also in their 6th month. This song comforted me all throughout. I've been thinking, one day, I'd listen to this song with peace in my mind and heart. All the heartaches, the sleepless nights, the sad mornings, I endured it all. Now, I am better and I now understand this song clearly. Ending a relationship with someone whom you've pictured your self with is really difficult, especially if you still want to fight for it. But, I've come to realize that when it consumes you, it's no good at all. Sometimes, being with that person won't be best; what's best is to separate ways so you'd become better. We never had proper closure, so I gave it to myself instead. Closure to the past so that I can move forward.

    We can all move forward. 😊

  16. Cris Cross says:

    Luh bakit walang credits your actor at actress grabe isulat niyo naman sila sa description tsk

  17. Maggie Daliones says:

    #1 trending in the Philippines

  18. darwin charlotte says:

    To my first boyfriend slash my EX,

    5 years ago, when you broke my heart but my heart still loves you.

    Hope you’re happy now with your boyfriend. 😊

  19. Jan Mernel Cantuba says:

    PAALAM " at sa wakas kakalimutan na kita "

  20. Jesmar Aguilar says:

    Inaano ba kayo? :'(

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