PUBG MOBILE – Theme Music [Originals] – Rock Version

PUBG MOBILE Theme Music [Originals] Rock Version

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20 Responses to “PUBG MOBILE – Theme Music [Originals] – Rock Version”

  1. Anner Martinez says:

    Miss alan walker songs in this game so far season 6 is better than season 12 :"( in my opinion

  2. حسين كريم says:

    ديكري 5209175344

  3. Killzgaming says:

    I love this version better plz add it pubg!🥺🥺🙏🙏

  4. Grey Nathaniel says:

    We need a server in Africa

  5. Ayten Ehmedova says:

    Əladır superdi

  6. Rittik Basak says:

    I want this as a temporary song in game!!

  7. علي عباس says:

    انتم لا تكافحون الغشاشين شركه فاشله

  8. Enzo Cordle says:

    Garrett J. Peters is just the best.

  9. عبوسي ابن سوريا says:


  10. عبوسي ابن سوريا says:


  11. عبوسي ابن سوريا says:

    تحياتنه لدكري

  12. Ayoub Lelam says:

    Nice song

  13. Kamil Arda Güler says:

    I need uc give me uc please pubg

  14. Akash Gupta says:

    Please incorporate this into the game.

  15. ليمونه خبون says:


  16. mustafa khan says:

    Its different

  17. Alexander Robert says:

    Awesome sound track it would be for PUBG guys

  18. Supreme says:

    Wow Follow the Beats 🦹‍♀

  19. Davidmooses Franco says:

    Esta perron

  20. áĥm3ð gaming says:

    Every one don't forget on my way in the car 💔😭

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