Dora The Explorer – Crank That (Better Version)

1 MILLION VIEWS! Thanks everyone! Dora the Explorer dancing and singing to Crank That. Edited by John Andrews and made by Slusion Productions. We do not take credit for the clips used in this video. All clips are property of Nick Jr. Song used in video is Soulja Boy Tell Em – Crank That. This is a Slusion Productions Video. Honors for video- #100 – Most Viewed (Today) – Comedy #58 – Most Discussed (Today) – Comedy #32 – Most Viewed (This Month) – Pets & Animals #61 – Most Discussed (This Month) – Pets & Animals #35 – Top Favorites (This Month) – Pets & Animals #8 – Most Viewed (All Time) – Nonprofits & Activism #49 – Top Rated (All Time) – Nonprofits & Activism #32 – Most Discussed (All Time) – Nonprofits & Activism #12 – Top Favorites (All Time) – Nonprofits & Activism
Video Rating: 3 / 5

25 Responses to “Dora The Explorer – Crank That (Better Version)”

  1. waxford13 says:

    A little late, are we not?

  2. nancylikesboys says:

    shut up

  3. studabakerb says:

    The decline of western civilization

  4. FullEffectVisualTv says:

    Me and my brother lost our parents at a young age

    All I did was play ball and all he did was music

    Well his latest song of his album is currently in a contest to get 1000 likes without getting 100 Dislikes

    He’s doing good so far. His video is on my channel and its deep

    Please watch the video and hit the like button for him

    Its called “Like This”

    If you dont wanna give him a chance at least THUMBS UP this comment so someone else can see it and hopefully help him out


  5. SlusionProductions says:

    You spelled three words wrong.

  6. brebresunshinebitch says:

    thi is a stoupid ass vidio

  7. joelsteal56 says:

    Dora has HIV!

  8. atreyu9a7x says:

    @fruityduityd00 why?! 1:25 is just a foster farm chicken

  9. everyDUDElikesPUSSY says:

    DAMN this was the actual video for soulja hoe on TV?

  10. trevon444 says:

    still funny

  11. spudracer13 says:

    the other one was better….

  12. waxford13 says:

    do dora’s parents know about this?

  13. Amar7605 says:


  14. alybrooke100 says:


  15. Webkinzforeva1223 says:

    why is dora impressed by that tiger at 2:00 ? ah fat guy can do that with like 50 hot dog -_- o.o

  16. LeoFlockinFresh says:

    holy shyt 666 viewss….

  17. Xxcookiemonsta97xX says:

    … Hm.

  18. flipper14701 says:

    How does this have so many damn views?

  19. codybadboy5 says:

    2:00 is fake

  20. Mexicana1325 says:

    i gotta say is kinda better than the other vids

  21. MrPandawesome says:

    1:55 wtf he’s doing slomo 0.o

  22. BluRay8o4 says:

    The fuck i click on this for?

  23. xxBRATZxx1 says:


  24. lattahatta71 says:

    I wasnt talking about the video. I was talking about the comments and everybody bashing him.

  25. NoHeadsProduction says:

    I dont think this was really to put down Soulja Boy. I think this was to humiliate Dora The Explorer.

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