Angry Birds – Hungry, Hungry Piggies – 3D Animation

This is a 3D project I did to further enhance my 3D skills. I chose Angry Birds as I’m heavily interested in gaming, and it seemed a good idea. Please enjoy and thanks for watching. This is purely a fan made movie and I own no rights to the Angry Birds name, designs etc. This animation is not a paid ad or anything.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

25 Responses to “Angry Birds – Hungry, Hungry Piggies – 3D Animation”

  1. vova anisimov says:


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  5. Alejandro Díaz says:

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  9. gianfranco carnelli says:

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  11. gangstafight01 says:

    awesome vided:)

  12. ostroskaya says:

    X E

  13. jack gonzalez says:


  14. jared santillan says:

    ni yo ablo ingles

  15. Amir Himes says:

    My favorite part is when big red made that big loud crash! That was funny right there! 😀

  16. penrock13 says:

    1. close your eyes 2. Think how much money you want 3. Post/ copy this on 10 other videos 4. Look under your pillow

  17. Andres Ramirez says:

    no ablo ingles

  18. Andres Ramirez says:

    soll ydulo delos angri brids

  19. lolman1099 says:

    Not bad! 😀 Awesome job!

  20. goodhore says:

    what software do you use to make this animation???

    is it a paid or a free software?

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  22. carrillojc36 says:


  23. Sergejs Rzecickis says:


  24. penrock13 says:

    I think when this video was made the orange one didn’t exist

  25. bastian varas says:

    hay un nuevoo bird

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