The Sensations – Let Me In

PLEASE NOTE: I divided my uploads between multiple channels, Bookmark this link in your browser for instant access to an index with links to all of John1948’s oldies classics. LINK: The Sensations, a quartet from Philadelphia, PA, were one of the first groups of the rock and roll era with an all male background and a female lead. The group formed in Philadelphia in 1954, with Yvonne Mills lead, Tommy Wicks tenor, Alphonso Howell bass, and one other forgotten member, and appeared in amateur shows as the Cavaliers. In 1955, the unique makeup of the group caught the attention of Atlantic Records and the Sensations began a three year association with Atlantic’s Atco subsidiary. The first two singles by the Sensations were old standards that were given major musical overhaul. In November, 1955 the Sensations first single “Yes Sir, That’s My Baby” was released and by February 18, 1956 it had reached #15 on the R&B charts. On November 17, 1955 they appeared at Philadelphia Town Hall with Ray Charles. The follow up to “Ain’t She Sweet” was released on April 14, 1956 reaching #13 R&B in May. These were followed by “My Heart Cries For You,” “Little Wallflower,” “Kiddy Car Love,”and “My Debut To Love.” When the Atco contract expired Yvonne retired to marry (Yvonne Baker) and raise a family. In 1961, Howell feeling that vocal groups were once again in demand convinced Baker to re-form the Sensations. Tenor Richard Curtain and baritone Sam Armstrong were added, and the

25 Responses to “The Sensations – Let Me In”

  1. Thonolan000 says:

    I love this sort of music (50’s and early 60’s rock), just can’t get enough of it.

  2. johnmorris008 says:

    I was stationed in Okinawa in 1962 when I first heard this song. I remembered a couple of Marines
    being interviewed on KSBK and they said that was them singing that song. I don’t know if any of the
    Sensations were Marines or not. Thanks for the post and the mem’ries.

  3. moondustyperson says:

    this is actually a really good song just discovered it now

  4. morgantim66 says:

    I`ve looked for this for a lont time but couldnt remember enough of it to search..Thanks to and youtube….

  5. tobygrey22 says:

    when I was a kid, I always looked forward to hearing this song on the radio. thanks to the miracle of the internet, i can have it saved on youtube!

  6. OneHitWonderGuy says:


  7. emb1st says:

    with a lead singer like Yvonne Baker, how could they go wrong. too bad the record company didn’t keep letting them sing their own songs. nevertheless, this is one awesome group and left their footprints in the earth for eternity.

  8. lednew2010 says:

    Thanks for posting this. This tune would come into my head once every year or so… now I know where to find it!

  9. TheBokkelul says:

    I’m sorry neighbors (A) 

  10. Herestome2 says:

    Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU for all the memories you have given me! lol

  11. qwondoflex says:

    Oh I can’t help but dance ! Love it !

  12. slowe1162 says:

    …and I just realized I’m using Branden’s (my 9 year old) account to post comments here. Check out his vids.

  13. slowe1162 says:

    Wii U! Wii U! Oop Wii Uuuuuuuuuu,,,
    ,,,, Sorry…
    Anyway, I’m 60 years young and remember this song from when I was 11, so when I heard about Nintendo’s new Wii U, well, I thought of the beginning lyrics of Let Me In, by the Sensations.

  14. MrGotsquashed says:

    I appreciate the history of the bands.  Though the groups may not be around anymore, it’s good to know people like you are preserving those golden oldies!

  15. carnut2u says:

    Great song. Lot’s of memories.

  16. John1948ElevenB says:

    Yeah, this is it! Rock on!

  17. beatlebette says:

    Wow! I can’t believe I finally found this song! I thought it was sung by Teresa Brewer. No wonder I hadn’t been able to find it! Memories are flooding my brain. I love it!

  18. mkl62 says:

    A Top 5 hit for The Sensations in March 1962. It got to #2 on the Rhythm & Blues charts and #4 on the Top 40 charts.

  19. cypher5224 says:

    Now available at amazon… I was making a pain in the ass of myself requesting it

  20. cosmani1 says:

    All three of my sisters still here, the oldest, born in ’41, would every friday get the latest 45, and we’d put it on the player, and sing and dance along to it.. those were the days..

  21. John1948ElevenB says:

    It reminds me of when my big sis would have a party and I couldn’t go. Both Donna and my older brother Bill were pretty good about including me in things but there were limits.  I see Bill at least once a week but Donna is gone. R.I.P. sis.

  22. cosmani1 says:

    .. i’ve tears of joy, and memories.. thankyou.

  23. joanna112 says:

    i remember this song was played in the movie strike with kirsten dunst, ive been looking for it for soooo long finally found it through imdb 😀

  24. cojaysea says:

    one of my all time favorite songs . ive loved this sing since the day i heard it in 1962 and i still love it!

  25. FASTLIGHTNING1 says:


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