Israel and Palestine, an animated introduction.

Easy to understand, historically accurate mini- primer about why Israelis and Palestinians are fighting, why the US-backed peace process has been an impediment to peace, and what you can do to make a difference. This conflict is essentially about land and human rights, not religion and culture. Endorsed by Palestinian, Israeli and American scholars and peace activists.

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21 Responses to “Israel and Palestine, an animated introduction.”

  1. marbleskinz says:

    No I’m done with this conversation. I can’t have a discussion with someone that is this ignorant. Sorry.

  2. montyzoma says:

    Why don’t you give them the chance to decide, if they chose to, so be it. can we agree on that? they should speak about it, not you

  3. sasha lancaster says:

    A while back Israel did evacuate a very few “outposts” and other newer settlements because they jumped the gun slightly on certification from the government. They did this for purely political placation of the the world community. ALL Jewish settlements in militarily controlled lands are illegal under internationally accepted law, just not under Zionist law. Other than this, settlements are EXPANDING much faster than any might still be “evacuated”.

  4. cmtiger says:


    Jew’s was Jew’s are and Jews will be forever in Israel

    Accept that or not, it does not realy matter to us.
    It Palestinians suffer more, not us.

    If it’s good for them is good for us.

    It’s not that the other Arabs in the world live in a open culture and democracy.
    Israeli Arabs are lucky they live in our country. And I bet you that once the Palestinians would get a state(officially) most of them will select to stay in Israel (if not all of them).

  5. sasha lancaster says:

    In 2008 I and 43 other activists sailed into Gaza City port (back when Israel’s navy let us do that) and we learned first hand that Israel is severely RESTRICTING the inflow of goods like replacement parts for infrastructure machinery and, most distressingly, for hospital dialysis machines and such; medical services cannot get nearly enough supplies and medicines. Due to these restrictions, kids are getting sick from the bad water and soil which remains tainted. Even today they are underfed.

  6. montyzoma says:

    Please tell me what do you mean by “Jews”. Did the Yemeni Jews and Ethiopian Jews exist in that land 2000 years ago? did the Russian Jews live on the hills of Hebron 2000 years ago? I expect a huge amount of BS in your answer

  7. Wolfgang Seidel says:

    There ist no jewish “race”! 😉

  8. Wolfgang Seidel says:

    For all racist thinking people here: The “Palestinian” origin was in ancient “Israel”. Genetics are showing, that Palestinians are more natives as a lot of the israeli Jews.
    A Propaganda like “we are returning in our land and we have a history there … older then 3000 years” is only a bad propaganda which is not based on facts.
    The video of the Jewish Voice for Peace ist telling the truth!

  9. cmtiger says:

    Read to the end…

    Jews were in Israel before everyone else and always been.
    Even before the Holocaust, and even before the Palestinians existence in the world. All Palestinians are refugees of Jordan.

    But all this argument is bullshit. We agree to Palestinians state,
    They do not want Jews to live. This is the conflict all the rest are lies and conspiracies to eliminate the Jews.

    They do not care about peace & life
    Only the death of the Jews

    And as long as this is so, we are at war with them

  10. PhoenixL0vee says:

    Also yes, in the late operation, Israel did break the cease fire several times due to the terrorist who tries to get into Israel and bomb or kill Israelis (Just after the cease fire a terrorist got into a moshav near Gaza strip and almost killed a woman, luckily she was strong enough to resist and he ran away. It was a year or two ago that 2 terrorist got into a home and murdered in coldt blood a family parents and 3 little kids), Israel has the right to defend it self.

  11. PhoenixL0vee says:

    You were incorrect in all of the above. there was never a palestinian country, I know that in gaza is very populated but what are you talking about?! ofcourse they go to school and prey! and they do have food because Israel is sending them tons of food on her citizens pay taxes. (My family is one of the pay taxes by the way) also not only food our goverment sends to gaza, they also send medical supplies and construction supplies (to build and fix buildings .. ) I will reply again

  12. marbleskinz says:

    You’re incorrect actually.
    1) Palestine was a country, an official country that lived happily and in peace until they were invaded.
    2) They live in an area that is so over populated they can hardly breathe. They are divided by a wall. They cannot access enough food, water, or medicine. They cannot go to school or pray. They are treated as second class citizens
    3) Yes, Israelis continue to break the peace treaties that are formed in agreement by the UN making it impossible for a 2 state solution

  13. PhoenixL0vee says:

    huh… You really need to get your facts straight… Bacause there were alot of lies in your video:
    1. Palestine was not a country, infact they didnt even called them selves palestinians until jews decided to return to their homeland due the hatred in europe.
    2. “Palestinians” has alot of rights and equalities. Yes there are also arabian villages who dont enjoy goods.
    3. Israel evacuating jewish houses because they were illegaly built in a non Israeli land.
    I have more to say, I dont have space

  14. PalestineATW says:

    claiming the video is a pile of bullshit without backing your pathetic claims is ridiculous.

    Just STFU

  15. Scot Washburn says:

    The Peace is a false peace. The equal is a false equal.

  16. shinethelove1 says:

    This video is brainwashing at it’s best!

  17. ieatflower says:


  18. ieatflower says:


  19. ChadGadya says:

    I love the phoney “fact-based” facade to this video. How many videos and examples of Arab savage-like attrocities have we seen? READ THIS VERY CAREFULLY! Its more important for the Palis to kick out the Jews than for them to have there own flag! If Israel was invaded by any of the surrounding Arab countries and Gd forbid defeated, the Palis wouldn’t doth protest too much, know what I mean?? Although Israeli treatment of Palis can be better, its not out of a vaccuum that they’re treated as such.

  20. L Cohen says:

    This story is full of balonies.

  21. Bill Woollam says:

    It is missing a few parts, such as the Balfour Declaration of 1917. Just do an internet search on the title:
    The Difference between Zionism and Judaism

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