New iPad 3 Concept Features

Awesome new iPad 3 concept. The new iPad 3 video contains advanced CG iPad 3 features on a new iPad design. A huge step up from iPad 1 features or iPad 2 features. Key highlights of the new iPad 3 Concept features include edge-to-edge screen with retina display, 5 Mega Pixel Camera, magnetic iPads with near field communications (NFC) and 3d holographic display for multiplayer games This computer generated new iPad 3 concept video pushes the envelope in iPad design and new iPad features, just like its hugely successful sister video ‘iPhone 5 Concept Features’ did with iPhone design and iPhone features. We hope this Concept new iPad 3 preview provides you as much entertainment as the new iPad commercial or the new iPad official video or the new iPad review, or the new iPad unboxing. This iPad concept is aimed at entertaining iPad and technology enthusiasts globally. More Aatma Studio Visit our YouTube Channel Subscribe to us on YouTube (Be the first to watch our upcoming videos) Watch our blockbuster sister video – iPhone 5 Concept Features Follow us on our Social Media Pages Official Website
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “New iPad 3 Concept Features”

  1. Lastchancetolife x says:


  2. Aron Bordo says:

    I, ve got my iphone 5 and it’s brilliant, I won it in lottery :) Here’s link -> goo.glC1PQi THUMBS UP IF IT’S TRUE!

  3. Ева Церус says:

    Это не настоящий

  4. Patrick Ressl says:

    apple will built so a tablet
    fu** samsung

  5. aqwhero100 says:

    what an asshole

  6. aqwhero100 says:

    this may happen…. but…. no, not apple

  7. Yazeed Al dukhayyil says:


  8. Th3MUff1NMaN4 says:

    Dislike if you watchin in 2012 and ipad 4 is out

  9. Alex Fox says:

    How do you hold the ipad if there’s no bevel?

  10. Alan Deiar says:

    Biggest Fake in the world !

  11. thecanmanification says:

    and how do you sugest we close the app, aside from 5 finger swipe

  12. spangler736 says:

    Are you telling us the time it will take to break one of the screens? If you are, you overshot a little bit…

  13. RedandBlack2056 says:

    you are talking about 2025 or 2056 right

  14. Avraham Bourne says:

    they could be the makers so they have acess to it think about it!??

  15. JustThaTruth says:

    Hmm . . I like the way you think .

  16. pixelatedartists says:

    Best ipad ever to bad it will not happen for a while

  17. adamvamp2000 says:

    Fake shit

  18. Danny Green says:

    Who bye 2 ipad3 o.o

  19. Johny Mad says:

    You CAN Win iPhone5
    Check out >>

  20. VideosWithSkill says:

    in one day, this will be available and then ITS MINE odfmgmfgofgodfmmogfg

  21. omar dan says:

    this is the Ipad 20

  22. AlwaysZwinky says:

    This really inspired and motivated me to continue on with being a computer hardware engineer.

  23. Brendan Gibbons says:

    This was really cool.

  24. omar albayane says:

    i know it not real man chile it was a joke

  25. sebifam says:

    how the hell you make this effects

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