Alleged rape rattles Ohio town

Alleged rape rattles Ohio town Images and messages posted to social media that appear to depict the sexual abuse of a girl in Steubenville, Ohio, have been taken out of context, the attorney for one of the teenagers charged in the incident said Friday. “One of the main concerns we have is that this matter has been, by special interest groups all over the world, tried in the court of public opinion,” said Walter Madison, attorney for Ma’lik Richmond. Richmond and another 16-year-old member of the small town’s highly regarded football team, Trent Mays, are charged with raping the girl at a series of back-to-school parties on August 11-12. Mays also is charged with “illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material.” Although the teenagers are juveniles, CNN is identifying them because they have been publicly named by a juvenile court judge, by defense attorneys and in media accounts. CNN is not identifying the girl, who also is a juvenile, in accordance with its policy not to release the names of alleged rape victims.Special prosecutors from the state attorney general’s office allege the teens repeatedly sexually assaulted the girl while she was unconscious. Opinion: A split in boy rape-prone sex culture The case gained national attention after The New York Times published a lengthy piece on it in December and an activist hacker group this week posted a previously unpublicized video of teenagers in the small Ohio River valley town cracking jokes about the case. That group
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13 Responses to “Alleged rape rattles Ohio town”

  1. einekleinerob says:

    Well duh, OBVIOUSLY it’s far more important that the reputation of the town;s high school football team should remain unsullied than that a bunch of creepy rapists should be brought to justice. Putting rapists on trial? Where do they think they are. India?

  2. stunnerrocker says:

    Part 3:
    FRED ABDALLA- He’s a Jefferson County Sheriff. He’s pro-rapist. He’s not investigating the rape case but he’s investigating the anynomous hackers who threatened the football group. He’s a close friend of the coach Reno Saccoccia. Bias fuckers.

    RENO SACCOCCIA- the retarded coach. He’s helping his boys to cover up. Has a connection to Marguierete Clark, she’s the secretary for the juvenile court Judge Kerr. That’s why these boys were treated lightly.

    Bombard their twitter/fb accounts.

  3. stunnerrocker says:

    Part 2:
    CODY SALTSMAN- known as ‘the ex-boyfriend who stood by”. He was the one who uploaded the pictures on instagram and was the one who planned everything. He asked this nigga Malik Richmond to give him a favor by raping his ex-girlfriend, while he videotaped them.

    MICHAEL NODIANOS- the kid on the video who’s laughing and making fun about the rape.

    The 16 year-old victim is a white Latina. Just so you all know, they had also raped a 14 year-old girl in April and no one has been charged.

  4. stunnerrocker says:

    Part 1:
    MALIK RICHMOND- This black dude was allowed to go on Californian vacation though under house arrest. He has the permission to do everything though he’s charged with rape. His white family who adopted him was covering the rape for him. Fucking parents.

    TRENT MAYS- Raped her inside the car, basement, bedroom, house to house and everywhere he can. He’s like “hungry hippo” just like what he tweeted that night.

    EVAN WESTLAKE, ANTHONY CRAIG, MARK COLE- videotaped and photographed.

  5. sirknightcape says:

    we need to start sending people men and women who RAPE to DEATH so why don’t the WHITEHOUSE BOYS PETITION that…put a little FEAR in to people you rape and get caught you get death problem fixed…act like a monkey die like monkey i know i know i am mean but what little kid wants to get RAPED NONE so you put the perv to DEATH PROBLEM FIXED.

  6. EthelBramble says:

    Thanks for doing the right thing!!!!!

  7. Lita Christine Green says:

    This is sad & wrong!! Def. needs to be taken care of correctly in order to prevent others from thinking this type of behavior is acceptable in the future and will be overlooked or given a special type of justice. Shame on them!

  8. CRAIG M. JOHNSTON says:

    Attorney Madison your clients will continue to be judged in the court room of public opion idiot jocks are the norm not the exception big fish in the little pond small town rock stars is the mind set all accross this nation and as far as a cover up goes it doesnt take and great deal of political savay to know this is the foundation that small town police deptments are laid upon pause a minute and think of all the cover ups that did work when police turn a blind eye to small town jock & cops CMJ

  9. guarddog22 says:

    That’s just creepy.

  10. nazionation says:

    Exactly. Then they can experience rape from the perspective of the victim. No mercy for these worms.

  11. Sanvorae says:

    That petition would do nothing to change whether it is juvenile or adult court. It is a state legal case; not a federal one

  12. JHCTUH18 says:

    @jeff harris. There was a petition at to move it out of juvenile court. The petition needed 25,000 signatures by jan 24th to be looked at by the gov’t. It currently has around 29,000. So lets hope they can be tried as adults. There is a ton of info out there on this. Since I live here, I try to look at everything I can.

  13. Jeff Harris says:

    These two young men should be prosecuted as adults for this type of crime no matter there status as football players.

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