Avril Lavigne – Hot

Music video by Avril Lavigne performing Hot. (C) 2007 RCA/JIVE Label Group, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Avril Lavigne – Hot”

  1. Tv13K says:

    I miss old avril <3

  2. Mel Martins says:

    My Girl!!!!<3

  3. Avril Lavigne says:

    She would have been 22 when this video was shot not 26. And she recorded this song when she was 21. So your argument is invalid.

  4. mountclydette says:

    @Emily Decker How? Shes nothing like her!!

  5. Icarus Akamatsu says:

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  6. PennylikeBunny says:

    @meowmeow9118 when u r 26? Really

  7. baldumba says:

    Im in love of avril


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  9. Junior Oliveira says:

    You make me so hot ♫

  10. Emily Decker says:

    Reminds me of Taylor swift

  11. liverpoolfan4life1 says:

    id drop her

  12. TheNikulove says:

    Just Like Lady Gaga :3

  13. Iskandar Zulkarnaen says:

    that is what we say celebrity world influence

  14. RomaEdmund says:

    she has the prettyest eyes i have ever seen . Look at she is perfect!!!

  15. Aninymous6900 says:


  16. hiqbal240 says:

    No1 fans me n yonger sis

  17. VidyaWorkz says:

    Subscribe to my channel, I sub back 🙂

  18. johnfrech zuz says:

    hi im pilipino i lyk ur songs …we luv u so much…can you make another song idol…youre so beautiful…IDOL means im your fans…

  19. GothMale75 says:

    well what can i say?avril is hot she makes katy perry in america considered smoking!

  20. Ron Rama says:

    im so hotttttttttttttttt hehhee

  21. Yo Mama says:


  22. Raven24PL says:


  23. dave swaggs says:

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  24. nubia arizaga says:

    varias canciones suyas que me gustan

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