Plants vs Zombies Music Video

Zombies have invaded PopCap Games, and they’ve even made a music video! Visit for more details on the game! Song Lyrics: (chorus) There’s a zombie on your lawn There’s a zombie on your lawn There’s a zombie on your lawn We don’t want zombies on the lawn I know your type: tall, dark, and dead You want to bite all the petals off of my head And then eat the brains of the one who planted me here I’m just a sunflower but see me power an entire infantry You like the taste of brains we don’t like zombies I used to play football Road cones protect my head I have a screen-door shield We are the undead (repeat chorus) Maybe it’s time to reevaluate I know you have a lot of food on your plate Brains are quite rich in cholesterol You’re dead so it doesn’t matter, Instead we’ll use this solar power to make a lawn defense at any hour I like the tricycle There’s butter on my head I’m gonna eat your brains (repeat chorus) written & performed by: Laura Shigihara
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Plants vs Zombies Music Video”

  1. nachomeep says:


  2. Gabian650 says:

    the one who planted me here NOOOOOOOOO <3

  3. Kaizer097 says:

    Everything is better than JB and 1D.

  4. Kaizer097 says:


  5. FishyCuber says:

    Still better than Justin Bieber and 1D

  6. blackjeasus123 says:

    When I saw the sun flowers I tried to tap it then I just realise its a video

  7. abbyroxLOL1 says:


  8. biodeathstar199 says:

    they should’ve put the dancing zombie in the video

  9. 4AppleTime says:


  10. dechampro says:

    if u fonish the game u can listen to it

  11. TechnoKittehExpert says:

    2:14 WTF CRAZY DAVE?!

  12. Ana Arredondo says:


  13. TheSkyPiggie says:


  14. TheSkyPiggie says:

    ooooh, catchy song

  15. Louise Cooper says:

    More zombies, I may be a girl but I love the game

  16. raymond vargas reyes says:

    FUN :)

  17. Astley Craft says:

    a singing sunflower….WELP nothing to see here!

  18. mimistar33 says:

    “We are SO the undead!” PFFF

  19. letivaldovino13 says:

    !Muy buen video

  20. Jaime Santos says:

    Watch the video of wom. jaime of the olympic games

  21. quinten cole says:

    its so catchy

  22. Thinknoodlesfan says:

    lol what rank you in sky army?

  23. TheSkyPiggie says:

    that dolphin also scared the shit outta me

  24. TheSkyPiggie says:


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