Google’s Privacy Principles

At Google, we pursue ideas and products that often push the limits of existing technology. As a company that acts responsibly, we work hard to make sure any innovation is balanced with the appropriate level of privacy and security for our users. Our Privacy Principles help guide decisions we make at every level of our company, so we can help protect and empower our users while we fulfill our ongoing mission to organize the world’s information.

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25 Responses to “Google’s Privacy Principles”

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  17. Eve Ringgold says:

    Thanks for letting us know about your privacy principles Google.

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  23. brittney williams says:

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  24. gebruikq markiess says:

    I am more concerned about how intelligent robots surfing the web are explouting cookies. You can have a thousand robots pretending to be a real user surfing all day and programmed to spend time here and there… They feed cookies and fool search engines that they are real users to manipulate tht SERPS

  25. sarahlisamuller says:

    Google are a bunch of fucking shits. I have to log onto YouTube to make this comments, so now they will automatically log me onto Google as well. Then if I forget to log off they can track my web use and sell that information to christ knows who. There is a world of difference between saving cookies on ly computer and forcing me to log on so that they can identify exactly who and where I am. This is a disgraceful invasion of my privacy. It amazes me that the EU allows it to happen

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