Zoochosis Presents: Escalator

There’s no such thing as a free ride. zoochosis.com twitter.com facebook.com youtube.com A Zoochosis Production Written, Directed and Edited by Patrick Scott Produced by Nikos Bellas & Ryan Nicholson Cinematography by Pete Soto, Alex Merkle and Maximilian Sperber This short features the acting talents of Michael “Mikey” Lange. You can see more of his stuff by clicking the link below. He and his Navy Seal of Comedy are responsible for a hilarious rendition of “Dramatic Interpretations of Facebook – Middle Schoolers”: youtube.com facebook.com Starring: Michael Lange Brittany Escobar John Scillieri Maya Bradley Fiona Stout Bethany Regan Reanne Helo Whitney Fortmueller Tiffany Gonzalez – (youtube.com Full Cast/ Crew List: imdb.com Soundtrack: “Strauss – Blue Danube Waltz” by Apollo Symphony Orchestra
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Zoochosis Presents: Escalator”

  1. فارس الاحلام says:

    الله يرحمو… مات علشان يشوف شى .

  2. Ricardo Martínez says:


  3. валентин третьяков says:

    pozitifff.ucoz.ru rasha girl

  4. 爆 走注意 says:

    = =

  5. theazn07 says:

    1:44 DEM LEGS

  6. Bruno Goldemberg says:

    GENIUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. TigrexTiranos says:

    Anda que… murió feliz pensando que la cogería xDDDDD

  8. jorge Toscano says:

    murio !!

  9. uuchinsen says:

    nice movie!

  10. masterlancer1 says:

    no recojan comida del piso. :/

  11. USTA125 says:

    Well kinda make sense lol XD

  12. Samuel Ortiz says:

    Where do you guys fine such hot girls? Lmao like I fall in love with each and everyone on of em lol

  13. Adrian Vargas says:

    Does every girl in this town wear a mini skirt?

  14. pemerson71 says:

    Well, at least he had a GREAT day before he died, LOL.

  15. Ronald Duarte says:

    final impactante! uuuuuy!

  16. C4RL0SW00D says:

    y este método es bastante interesante, lo probare Mmm…

  17. rashidlover4 says:


  18. joaquinskater says:

    y así perdí mi trabajo (:

  19. FF. Kz says:


  20. demcrettaz says:

    Thank you penis for bringing me to this video.

  21. Omar Riveradiaz says:

    Aquí en Chile esto terminaría haciéndome vomitar hahaha gordas sin forma everywhere

  22. karabaevash says:

    не удачник

  23. acroracing says:

    Nobel peace prize for that man.

  24. castajeday says:

    whats the name song?

  25. Lupinthe3rd2002 says:

    Panty Shots in HD XD lol

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