The Greatest Speech Ever Made

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25 Responses to “The Greatest Speech Ever Made”

  1. Jerome mc farland says:

    He made this move to show people what Hitler was all about when america was at peace with Germany while the rest of the world was at war

  2. Jerome mc farland says:

    Window – The Album Leaf

  3. Ruttie2 says:

    That’s bullshit. And the reason why most people are no longer into philosophy, is because it could bring them to ideas. Perception of truth is different for all of us. You just need to have the right one.

  4. pato1470 says:


  5. truthseeker700k says:

    His words could not be more true. We think too much but feel too little.

    We can make this world the paradise it can and should be.

    In google, type -Truth Contest-, & click in *The Present*

    Everyone needs to read this.

  6. keksiei says:

    with true equality you mean physical/mental/IQ equality as we all should be clones. I mean equality in terms of succes and not to be doomed to some destiny just because you were born in poor district of USA or in Africa. Europe has pretty good equality, atleast northern Europe in terms of getting education and job, but still there is a lot to do to get equality. We should forget our nations and think the globe as one, one nation. We are all the same, we are humans, with cultural differences

  7. keksiei says:

    Truth is formed by our senses which are for us true, but our truth might be or migh not be the absolut truth and we can never know it and that is why truth is what we can sense and feel. Philoshpy is a subject that will lead to losing your mind if you try to understand. For example, dreams are true, but at the same time dreams are not true.

  8. ShatteredToDust says:

    It is Charlie Chaplin, he had that moustache before hitler did.

  9. ShatteredToDust says:

    It is Charlie Chaplin

  10. ShatteredToDust says:

    Charlie Chaplin. He actually had that moustache before hitler.

  11. uzay mamalı says:

    he gives me a life

  12. sander395 says:

    Ofcourse evil exists. It used to serve a purpose in our evolution. The person that doesn’t care as much about other humans has a greater change to survive because he/she wouldn’t hesitate to kill in order to surive. However, in the next step in our evolution we should dispose of evil. We have to let love triomph over greed, hate and intolerance. The only problem is, that the “evil ones” are still the ones in charge of the world, because they are willing to go over body’s for power.

  13. Ilsezwarts says:

    I think that is almost it. Evil excists but not within people. its a virus

  14. LiquidDaDnB says:

    Its from the film The Great Dictator and he plays a jewish barber and helps to the rise of the jews against the nazis 🙂

  15. LiquidDaDnB says:

    Window by The Album Leaf. You should check out there other songs, real good!

  16. stittyz says:

    no i dont know who it is but i doubt it’s hitler haha 

  17. Ruttie2 says:

    An illusion is mind trickery. Calling emotions and morals mind trickery is just pure Hawking garbage.

  18. h Drake says:

    Can anyone tell me the song in the background?

  19. DanuBoian says:


  20. TrigunOfox says:

    Haters gonna hate.

  21. eps acebedo says:

    was that HItler?

  22. dragonskater994 says:

    This comment section is clear proof that humanity will NEVER be united under one banner like Chaplin wants. Its a good thought, a great thought even, but humanity will never be united for as long as humanity exists.

  23. DanuBoian says:


  24. lurchers123 says:

    Ah there you go, one white man going to report on another white man for speaking the truth about the black man.. you sir are a typical example of what is wrong with or people today! off you go now run along there’s a good little chap & report report report, wow what a weasel you are & what a disgusting excuse for a white man & i see you are a coward also as you are afraid to show your face! ill wast no more time on you coward off with you, be gone!

  25. drunkgoat46 says:

    you’re a fucking idiot.

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