Beyoncé – Diva

Beyoncé - Diva

Music video by Beyoncé performing Diva. (C) 2008 SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Beyoncé – Diva”

  1. TheShinelikearainbow says:

    I love them

  2. igor perlucho says:

    no doubt 🙂

  3. HelloSmileyFace13 says:

    Beyonce is amazing, beautiful, flawless.

  4. ImAbout ThatLife says:

    she looks baaaad in this vid 😉 😉

  5. burakcan telli says:

    baba hastaaaaaaaaaa

  6. 007markec says:

    Love Beyonce 🙂

  7. Yasmia Peterson says:

    Shes a female singer (kelly rowland)

  8. igor perlucho says:

    Is the best friend of Beyonce. But no capares to Beyoncé!

  9. HelloSmileyFace13 says:

    Kelly Rowland? Who’s that?

  10. kimbella029 says:

    & how come you were on this page if you don’t care for Bey? You coming on this pagedidn’t make any sense lol You should avoid anything & everything of hers if thats the case.

  11. kimbella029 says:


  12. kimbella029 says:

    HELL NO!! Im sure Kelly wishes she could be as great as the lovely Beyonce, but she isn’t & she knows this. She admires Bey

  13. kimbella029 says:

    I luv them both as the beings they are & their music.

  14. kimbella029 says:

    Not even, but I respect your opinion.

  15. BKIBANEZ1 says:

    hottest photos of Beyonce here­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

  16. Leo Naumovski says:

    glee brought me here

  17. TheShinelikearainbow says:

    Dam she is good she Is the queen of the world I wish I was her daughter all . U haters saying this and that well  stop hating

  18. Леонид Ульянов says:

    тупо танцуют но хорошо поют у меня на танцах их песня

  19. hailee curtis says:

    she is the biggest diva

  20. Tamara Holland says:

    She is a diva

  21. Tamara Holland says:

    I think it good beyoné

  22. TwilightLightning Fang says:


  23. TwilightLightning Fang says:

    little honeybee present 😀

  24. MikoPayton says:

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  25. Jaylen Gordon says:

    cool song

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