The Place Beyond the Pines Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Ryan Gosling Movie HD

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23 Responses to “The Place Beyond the Pines Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Ryan Gosling Movie HD”

  1. Kisssekhtak says:

    Who wants to come see the movie wif me ?´╗┐ ­čÖé

  2. kult38 says:

    making ‘inside out’´╗┐ t-shirts cool since 2013

  3. Se├▒or Gallardo says:

    I want to fuck’n ride a motorcycle through the woods now, ride´╗┐ it like LIGHTNING!!! While listening´╗┐ to Snow Angel (by Mike Patton), Shazam!

  4. Arran Browitt says:

    Saw this tonight, wicked film, very different´╗┐ story to how u think but ace!

  5. Luke Salgado says:

    Wow can’t´╗┐ wait to see this movie

  6. AlbeitPredictable says:

    That’d be interesting, I don’t think so´╗┐ however. I think they’re just a couple of trouble makers.

  7. kawasakif3 says:

    Still looks pretty good but Only God Forgives does´╗┐ look bad ass.

  8. WYSIWY6 says:

    dont think so..
    Maybe the new refn movie´╗┐ will “Only god forgives”

  9. kawasakif3 says:

    Drive is one of the best movies ever in my opinion.Hope this´╗┐ one is close.

  10. paranormalpastor89 says:

    i cant describe how bad i´╗┐ want to see this´╗┐ fucking movie…….!!!!!!!!!

  11. WYSIWY6 says:

    This´╗┐ is not Drive

  12. BradMichaelElmore says:

    This goes into wide release today I think, and I’m rooting´╗┐ for it. I’ve seen it five times already, it hit every nerve I have. Wonderful, stirring, beautifully acted film with exceptional photography/music.

    I hate to spam but it’s from an honest place, I swear, I made a film for 10K called THE WOLFMAN’S HAMMER and put it up on youtube, about a Heavy Metal loving Meth Dealer and his cousin. It’s free, I think it’s worth your time, especially if something like PINES is up your alley. Thanks.

  13. yourbossKG says:

    This´╗┐ film is great loved it

  14. Keeleyblakney43 says:

    I totaly loved this film!You need to find it, will probably be worth the time and effort! If you didn’t had the opportunity yet you can try here – goo.glB6wd3 – Is an unedited (leaked) tape´╗┐ but is HQ!!

  15. JustMorae says:

    do the two sons fall in´╗┐ love?

  16. Shinpew says:

    I think this movie is´╗┐ great.

  17. jonema93 says:

    ďż_ďż what the hell´╗┐ people are actually liking this person heterophobic
    comment…..c’mon youtube´╗┐ be better than this guy

  18. qarcon says:

    ďż_ďż what the hell people are actually liking this person homophobic comment…..c’mon youtube be better´╗┐ than this guy

  19. boris kralj says:

    Suicide Frankie´╗┐ Teardrop

  20. boris kralj says:

    Franky ( song about a guy who shoot his wife and son, beacuse he cant provide for them anymore )´╗┐

  21. jonema93 says:

    looks like you´╗┐ are faggot already

  22. glogirl78 says:

    Great film. Go see it. Great soundtrack.´╗┐

  23. V Sc says:

    Didn’t finish watching´╗┐ it..SUCK ASS!Don’t Waste your money!

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