“Twilight” – Rob Pattinson EW interview, Part 1 of 5

“Twilight” Central: http://www.ew.com/twilight.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to ““Twilight” – Rob Pattinson EW interview, Part 1 of 5”

  1. annika0813 says:

    and even more sexy

  2. deseolunarob says:

    So many years ago,I miss those days ;( .

  3. hermionecannotdraw12 says:

    he is smart, his character is not.

  4. robstenatedGirl03 says:

    forehead gahhhhh :”)))

  5. julissa aguirre says:

    shit.he’s sexy.

  6. TheMissMusi says:

    Nicce Call :)

  7. longtimesnosee says:

    he has a square head

  8. Adennos says:

    Real wizards found the way to return from the underworld.

  9. Roza9898 says:

    r u saying he’s not?? lolz jkjk

  10. Kristen Whitcomb says:


  11. go2collegewithwyatt says:

    check it out

  12. Rachel Bentzen says:

    @jellybellyfriends what do you mean he sucks as an actor? he’s a freaking movie star! I think he did a very good job as Edward, perfect actually..

    I can’t wait till Breaking Dawn Part 1!!

  13. BABYBOWSERtje says:

    Press 9 over and over. really really really really XD

  14. lollola1999 says:

    he is british

  15. AlicetheShort says:

    So THAT’S why he auditioned…. he didn’t read it 😛

  16. Elaina C. says:

    rob- please take of ur stupid hat. it ruins ur beautiful face

  17. kemasanuja says:

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  18. 67bplatt says:

    ya it does

  19. 67bplatt says:

    whats with the hat????? he should really take it off…. like now!!!

  20. TwilightBellaC says:

    did he say underwear comercial then change it to hair gel lol thats funny 😀

  21. CallaLily76 says:


  22. HartShoes says:

    “I painted a pair of twilight vans shoes and they came out sooo amazing, check them out in my channel!”

  23. kindredvampyre says:

    amazing interview… so glad i found it finally…. never knew it was so long (5 parts) he was so adorable in these early interviews

  24. lordcapucino says:

    this guy is funny, i allways say this.

  25. BadassPattinson says:

    he’s so amazing, damn.

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