How It’s Made Eggs

Discovery / Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” Eggs episode.

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25 Responses to “How It’s Made Eggs”

  1. suicune690 says:

    Unless they’re free-range, no.

  2. ForumYoshiGaming says:

    3:07 you can see a dirty egg there…

  3. Hugh Murray says:

    eggs i eat = unfertilized egg from chicken
    women + no fertilization= period, so essentially i’m eating chicken period………. ._. well shit

  4. rayLRA says:

    Soooo… where’s the erotic chicken footage?

  5. Yashwant Waghumbare says:

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  6. jordan broughton says:

    Free trip

  7. rohitkiss3 says:

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  8. MrJustindellacorte says:

    “white or brown, they’re all the same on the inside”

  9. grenwals says:

    3:08 Dirty egg.

  10. Budder Sword says:

    Dont worry all the chickens get a free trip to the slaughter house for

  11. MegaSkippy100 says:

    It`s called a chicken, it lays eggs, the end.

  12. mayettaxtriger436 says:

    do those poor chickens ever leave that cage thing their in?!

  13. Wc Kz says:

    3:08 Somebody wasn’t doing their job…

  14. Crowbar132 says:

    4:56 Half Life 3 confirmed

  15. Andrew Wang says:


  16. Andrew Wang says:

    One time I went to the grocery store, all I bought was eggs. Someone asked me what I’m going to do with all those eggs, I said that I use it to make cookies, cakes, or anything that involves using eggs.

  17. Andrew Wang says:

    I use eggs in much makings.

  18. Siim Lehtsaar says:

    0:26, “female chicken” ???

  19. Collin Patel says:

    lol that last joke was so dark

  20. eric whittle says:

    What are you talking about? That made me laugh my ass off!

  21. Tasha Westbury says:

    Wow this is the most depressing “how is it made” I’ve ever seen. Those poor chickens 🙁

  22. BobagemLixo says:

    How It’s Made: Egg. Get 5 bowls and put 4 of them on the corners of each table

    and one in the middle filled with water.

    Go on your roof and hold up a half-broken purple crayon.

    Wait a minute with your eyes closed and tap your foot 14 times.

    Then go to the store and buy some eggs.

  23. ahmadelmowafy says:

    yeah man

  24. kitten lew says:


  25. SlideShowWoman says:

    3:08 dirty egg D:

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