Bad Teacher Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Watch the Breaking Dawn Official Trailer – – Subscribe! Bad Teacher hits theaters on June 24th, 2011. Cast: …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Bad Teacher Movie Trailer Official (HD)”

  1. dragon0gogeta says:

    anyone know the song?

  2. kittymcwittie says:

    Justin is soooo hot!!!

  3. EQOAnostalgia says:

    “I got it baaaad so baaaaaad, i’m hot for teacher!”

  4. martinumber1 says:

    Begging by Madcon

  5. kylrbbr says:

    That old lady funny

  6. MrKomaedikit says:

    Hey twilight :D

  7. Odell Bracewell says:

    OMG Gibby is in this movie !! #haha 

  8. marioskriti says:

    pirate bay!

  9. coortje45 says:

    by buying it

  10. Toby Sho says:

    the song is called madcon – begging

  11. Myrthe Meijer says:

  12. TheCristeo says:

    whats the song starting at 1:36?

  13. Heinrich Buhr says:


  14. kliklyna says:

    Troppo forte!

  15. Bob O says:


  16. Jess islazy says:

    This movie was hilarious

  17. theneovas1 says:

    The song is tighten up by black keys

  18. Mixalis Koukli says:

    how can i watch full movie?

  19. hollyster554 says:


  20. krazykutey20 says:

    lol i pissed my self when i watched this

  21. brandon singh says:

    This movie was funny and GIBBYYYY!!!!! LoL

  22. FrequentManne says:[2011]R5_Line_XviD-ExtraTorrentRG

  23. world52314 says:

    Thumbs up if Justin Timberlake reminds you of Will from Glee in this movie.

  24. Piplup Mage says:

    1:40 GIBBY!!!!! :D

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